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This is a discussion on Saturday Night Specials within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Honestly, I think the stats would surprise you. The bad guys know that their guns are going to be used. They know that their life ...

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Thread: Saturday Night Specials

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    Honestly, I think the stats would surprise you. The bad guys know that their guns are going to be used. They know that their life will probably depend on the firearms. They aren't carrying junk. They may not have $2000 1911s, but they aren't carrying Ravens or Jennings either. What they have with them will go bang when they need it to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nvsble View Post
    I don't think I would put anything Cobra Enterprises makes in the same category as a Davis type of gun. I had a an older Davis( never carried it, but it was only $35) and my step dad has a newer one. They are better than a sharp stick but are very cheaply made and probably wouldn't last long if fired often( I shot mine maybe twice and my stepdad has about 50rnds through his). The newer Cobra weapons seem to be much better made, maybe a tier or two under a Keltec. I know that there are many out there who struggle just to feed their families and to pay their bills and if the Davis was the only thing I could afford then I would carry one. If I couldn't afford that I would carry a sharp stick. As they say "by any means necessary".
    I was mistaken, my step dad's 9mm is a Jennings, but it is almost identical to the Davis that I once had.

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    Probably not the best choice, but depending on what one's finances might be, it is better than an empty holster.

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    sometimes you get what pay for,sometimes you over pay for a name brand.....I've had problmes w/ smith and wesson,Dan Wesson,and have had Taurus's and Rossi's that have been flawless..go figure.
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    Back in the day, I've seen things go bang that were held together with duct tape and/or baling wire. Scary on both ends, and not for me, but if it's all you got?
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    It's all about odds.


    The better the gun, the better the odds of it going bang. Now, these aren't real stats below, just numbers to illustrate a point

    a good gun goes bang 99.99 out of 100. Cost - $500
    a 'bad' gun goes bang ' 90 times out of 100 - Cost -$75
    having nothing goes bang 0 times out of 100 - Cost ??????

    You don't have 500 bucks, nor will you for a good while. You DO have 75 bucks though.

    Odds of it working are much better than nothing.

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    The old quote, "a hit with a .22 beats a miss with a .45" comes to mind. In my experience, the Raven is not a very dependable firearm. There are other more inexpensive firearms out there with a better historty of dependability. I believe that the old debate over calibers, should not have as much weight as it does.

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