Need help/Got questions. Pics included

Need help/Got questions. Pics included

This is a discussion on Need help/Got questions. Pics included within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have a rifle and a shotgun I would l would like some help on. Trying to find the manufacturing date for both of them. ...

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Thread: Need help/Got questions. Pics included

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    Need help/Got questions. Pics included

    I have a rifle and a shotgun I would l would like some help on. Trying to find the manufacturing date for both of them. At least, the same decade. 1. The first is a Winchester Model 53. It's a 44 and the shorter barrel was called a "Brush Gun" according to my dad. His father bought it, I believe sometime in the twenties or early thirties. He gave it to my dad who gave it to me and I will pass down to one of my son's in the not-to-distant future. Serial # WCF #968630. Hopefully I can attach pics. 2. The second is a Steven Double Barrel 12 gauge shotgun. I bought this quite used in 1973. It's a great shotgun and great for birds and skeet. I shoot it better than my pump. The only "number" I could find on it was "CBF 1". Any help?
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    The Winchester was made in 1925. I don't know about the shotgun.

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    I can't help with dates, types, or prices...others will be able to nail it exactly.
    But I hope you are going to hang on to those two 'keepers'...they must mean a lot being handed down...keep the tradition going.

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    Take the barrells off of the shotgun and look at the reciever. Sometimes the serial number is there unseen. They did that because at the time serial numbers were considered "unsightly". It is possible that the gun is old enough that it never had any serial numbers though because at one time it wasnt required.
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    Interesting M53, aznav.

    I don't know if you know this, the Model 53 is essentially a Model 1892. The 53 was serially numbered in it's own series, some were built on the 1892 receiver, which it appears by the serial number, yours was one of them.
    According to Madis's "The Winchester Book", your receiver dates to 1926. Compared to the other Winchester models, it is a scarce gun.
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    Nice rifle. My Stevens shotgun has no serial number on it.
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