Springfield XD Dry-Fire

Springfield XD Dry-Fire

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Thread: Springfield XD Dry-Fire

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    Springfield XD Dry-Fire

    Is it bad to dry fire my Springfield XD40?

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    No. The xd is fine for dry firing. The only thing ive ever seen happen from dry firing the xd is that the roll pin in the slide can eventually come out or crack but those are cheap and replaceable.

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    Not a problem at all I've had my XD for 4 years now and dry fires it probably 5000 times in practice draws without any probs.
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    if anything its good for it- it will make is shoot straighter :)

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    I'll do it for you if you want!! I dry fire practice mine often, and have never had a problem with the gun... with my practice maybe, but never with the gun... *I snagged in my holster once, and thought I was about to rip my pants off... oops*

    Any modern gun that you cant dry fire, isn't built very reliable in my book.. and I wouldn't feel comfortable depending on it for my family's safety... but then again it might just be me.
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    Do it all the time, never had a problem.

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    Same as everyone else. I dry fire all the time.

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    It's required do it often
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    Same here... Used this way on a weekly basis.. Without harm.
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