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Thread: Grip It Till You Tremble!

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    Same here standles, but I do use crossed thumbs when shooting revolvers.
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    I have a exercise that I do at the gym 8lb dumbell held out at a arms legnth, gripped as tightly as phsycally possible, in one minute shots, each hand. Just a short while back my 18 year old and I got into a discussion about holding a weight out at arms legnth for any period of time, He said he could hold the HK for 30 minutes, I bet he could not break the 10 minute mark, at 2 minutes he thought it had been 10 he did not make it.
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    Massad Ayoob, in his LFI courses, teaches a "crush grip." His logic is that under extreme stress, you're going to naturally have a death grip on the pistol, so you ought to practice that way. To further drive the point home, he had us shoot a magazine-full while gripping as hard as we could and intentionally shaking the gun as we sent rounds down range. Surprisingly, our groups didn't open up near as much as expected, and we got hits on the B27 targets that would have been more than acceptable "combat accuracy." I think we did this at 3-5 yards (it has been a while).

    What I got out of the above lesson was: even though "aim small, miss small" is great advice, even if you are shaking like a leaf you can still get good hits.


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    at 3 to 5 yards you would have to dang near be swinging your arms like a madman to mot get acceptable "combat accuracy". I am not surprised that using the gorilla grip and purposely shaking didn't result in a high percentage of misses at that range. Now I am not going to argue with Ayoob but I also like to know I can make hits at 15,20, and further yds if needed.


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    Now I am not going to argue with Ayoob but I also like to know I can make hits at 15,20, and further yds if needed.
    I think you have to find a grip, on a particular platform - that works for you - irrespective of what others might ''recommend'' - but it would have to be still a solid grip.

    My thinking re longer shots is based on the difference in conditions. Once distance has stretched out this far - there is (marginally) more thinking time - opportunity for more deliberation if you will - a need to not ''waste'' shots thru sloppy shooting. Also possibly a chance for some cover even. Add to that the knowledge that the risk from incoming is slightly reduced then your job is to take that small amount of extra care with sighting and release.

    Much of that comes down to practice - sufficient that if in a situation you do not have to think about how much or little grip - you just ''do it''!! Next time shooting - use some cover, shoot from kneeling etc - go for real aimed shots. I think practice up to a certain level is only way to get the drill ''wired'' and so be more automatic.
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