Synthetic or wood stock?

Synthetic or wood stock?

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Thread: Synthetic or wood stock?

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    Synthetic or wood stock?

    Which do you prefer?

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    Triangle, NC


    I like synthetic for a functional and well-used firearm.

    But nothing beats wood furniture for a truly fine firearm that is for show or maybe used rarely.

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    Ruger 10/22: Wood! Gorgeous.
    Mossy & AK: Synthetic......fewer "worries", more trouble free
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    I gotta go synthetic. It's tougher, lighter, and cheaper. Wood stocks are nice, but realistically, there's nothing a wood stock can do that a synthetic one can't. I can appreciate the aesthetic value of wood, though.
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    Sure you can't beat the functionality of synthetic, but I like my guns like women, purdy. All gals will do the same thing like stocks will, but I only want the good lookin ones in my house. Wood for me.
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    I think it really depends on the gun, but I prefer wood. Dunno why, but it just feels better. Plus, especially on my hunting guns, the dings and wear it gets along the way seems to add character to it.

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    Synthetic for me. All mine are shooters, but when I do get the money for something really fine it will of course involve killing a tree!
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    It depends upon the weapon...
    Choices should have allowed 'either'...

    Synthetic is fine on some, but nothing looks like a quality wood stock!

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    no real pref. i have a maverick 88 synthetic stock and a browning auto5 with
    wood stock. both work just fine for me.
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    Wood for me. Goes well with the steel. My doctor told me I was allergic to synthetic, aluminum alloy, and polymer.

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    Central California
    Wood is certainloy a lot better looking. I like Synthetic on my semi auto rifles and tactical shotguns, but on my hunting and carrying guns, wood is the way to go.
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    synth for zombies, light wood for birds.
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    It's hard to explain but there's just something about wood that I really like!
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