S & W Model 36, 3” Heavy Barrel

This is another gun I inherited from my father. Unlike the model 36 Chief Special that I have seen and shot before, it sports a heavy three-inch barrel. The frame is the regular J frame with the five holes in the cylinder, which incidentally were charged with Federal Premium .38 Special (+P) 129 grains Hydra-Shock ammunition.

In the rear and front sights, my father had put some liquid paper correction fluid. It is amazing how well it shows, even in low light, in comparison with others revolver sights that use red or orange front sights. I have observed when hunting that white is the last color to disappear in the darkness; it will show well after the orange color had subsided.

In the box with the gun was also a set of Herret’s wooden grips and the original S&W banana grips, but the gun sports an oversized grip made by Sile. At least that is what it says in the escutcheon that shows an American eagle grasping arrows and what looks like a snake in its talons.
The grips fit perfectly all around. It makes me wonder if they were custom made, since they are also a perfect fit for my hand. It tames the recoil of the Hydra-Shock plus P ammo to a point that it is pleasant to shoot many rounds.

Two speed loader HKS models 36 were stored with the gun; they also are loaded with the Federal ammo. I had the opportunity to shoot the gun at the sand pit in the country property, where we have a range of sorts. He never got around installing a steel silhouette, but there were plenty of clay targets in a box in the garage.
The gun delivers to point of aim at 15 yards with the 129 grain + P ammo, with enough accuracy to break all the clay targets that I shot at. The action of the gun seems to be much smoother than the usual Chief Special. It may be that he had improved the action himself, as he was very mechanically adept and had plenty of gunsmithing tools.