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Rimfire Pics, Lets See the Plinkers!(Pic Heavy)

This is a discussion on Rimfire Pics, Lets See the Plinkers!(Pic Heavy) within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by cphilip Let us know how this thing works out for you. I wouldn't mind having something in 22 mag and that looks ...

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Thread: Rimfire Pics, Lets See the Plinkers!(Pic Heavy)

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    Quote Originally Posted by cphilip View Post
    Let us know how this thing works out for you. I wouldn't mind having something in 22 mag and that looks the ticket too.
    Will do if I can find one. There are a couple of walnut/blued 23" barrel Model 72s on gunbroker.com right now but I'm holding out for the SS carbine model in my link.

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    Here is another I just picked up the other day

    Ruger Single Six
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    Savage .17 HMR

    Marlin model 60

    Ruger Mark II

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    Here is the 552 Remington Speedmaster I just got.... and the scope I put on it today...

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    panama city, fl
    all stock 10/22 except i chopped the front of the stock, sanded it and re-stained it ebony. also has a bsa red dot. also have a savage mark2, and crickett .22lr.
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    Stuck In The 1970's

    1958 Star model F 22lr

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    The 10/22's

    The Remington 511
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    JD [OP]
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    My latest addition, 1960's vintage Belgian Browning SA-22 take-down auto in 22LR.

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    Ruger 22/45 MK3
    Pac-lite upper receiver, threaded.

    Advanced Armament, Aviator silencer.
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    My Taurus 94, .22 9-Round

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    Here's my OD G19 with the Advantage Arms L.E. 22LR conversion kit installed.

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    S&W 317, 8 shot .22 LR. My "trainer" for my snubbie EDCs. I put around 240 rounds through it every range session, just for "muscle memory" drill. Love this revolver!

    Retired Marine, Retired School Teacher, Independent voter, Goldwater Conservative.

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    Tactical Solutions 22 conversion on my Yost-Bonitz Colt.
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    Here's one of mine

    Note: I just got these rosewood grips. They are left-handed, but not bad right-handed, either. If you live in the Metroplex, you can shoot this gun.

    Come to Elm Fork for our monthly shoot with the Dallas Target and Action Shooters group. We are on Meetup.com.
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    Here is a few of my trusty plinkers.

    The first is a Ruger 10/22, it has a corelite composite stock, Butler Creek Carbon Fiber Bull Barrel, and a 3-9X40 scope on it. it will riddle a 20 oz styrafoam cup at 100 yds

    the second is a Browning BL-22 what sets this lever action apart from the rest is that the trigger goes with the lever when you cycle the action. so no more pinched fingers

    the last two are when i want to have some fun or a challenge. the pistol on the left is a Heritage Arms Ruff Ryder, it is a SAO with interchangable cylinders it will shoot 22lr or 22 mag. the pistol on the right is a H&R sportsman it is a 9 shot DA/SA break open revolver. the challenge is that both of these pistols don't have rear sights.
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