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How many have to get a permit to BUY a gun?

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Thread: How many have to get a permit to BUY a gun?

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    Unless you have a CCW in Michigan you have to have a permit to purchase a handgun

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    in michigan:

    An individual must apply to their local police or sheriff's department for a License to Purchase a Pistol prior to obtaining a pistol. A license to purchase is not needed for an individual with a CCW license. However, a NICS check must be completed by the FFL (Federal Fireams Licensee) prior to the transfer of the firearm.

    The police authority will check for any criminal record at both the state and national level.

    The applicant must answer gun related questions on a Basic Pistol Safety Questionnaire, with at least 70% correct, and swear before a notary that they meet the statutory requirements to own a pistol.

    The License to Purchase a Pistol form must be completed even though the applicant may already have possession of a pistol, such as through an inheritance. Federal firearms licensed dealers are not exempt from this section of the law and must also get a license any time they purchase/acquire a pistol from an individual or another gun dealer. There is an exemption only for dealers purchasing pistols directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler.

    A License to Purchase a Pistol is valid for 10 days to purchase a pistol. The seller must sign the license and keep one copy for his/her records. An individual must return to the local police department within 10 days of purchasing the pistol, return the two remaining copies of the license, and present the pistol for a Safety Inspection Certificate. Dealers are exempt from the safety inspection requirements on pistols kept solely for the purpose of resale.

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    Thanks I know which states I can never move to...

    Seriously though...this thread is disheartening.
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    You don't need one in Arkansas, Just the 4473 (unless you have a CCW and no call in) and Money. No waiting either.

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    ibez summed it up. I have only lived in PA and WV.
    WV has the better purchasing laws of the two. In PA private handgun sales have to go through a FFL and the State Police keep a sales registry of every handgun that is sold in the state.
    WV has no restrictions on private sales.

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    Easy to buy in the GunShine State...
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    FL -- no wait with a CWP. 3 days otherwise.

    Several other wrinkles in the law. Get a CWP.

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    I don't recall if this is law or just common practice but in New York state most gun shops won't even take a handgun out of the display case for you unless you have a permit.

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    Unless laws have changed in WA since I was last home you don't need a permit/license to buy a gun there. I never had one...


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    Kansas no waiting and no limit.
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    Not here in Nevada. In California, you don't need a permit as such, but you have to have had a basic hand gun course in order to buy a hand gun. I was looking at a Beretta 92FS in a gun store in California, and I was going to buy it. The clerk then asked to see my card, which I didn't have. It was a nice looking gun, nickle plated, but I said "What the heck?" in 3 weeks, I'll be in Nevada!". And when we got here, my wife decided to contribute half, and I ended up with the Beretta, not nickle plated, but NIB, police edition, with night sites. And that started the gun buying addiction!

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    Here in Vermont, they do a NICS check (free) on you if you buy from a dealer. If you buy from a gunshow or collector, he just photocopies your drivers license to keep on file for 6 years. Either way, the seller keeps the records, the state doesn't and there are no fees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by farronwolf View Post
    Nope, not in Texas, you just go into the store pick out what you want, fill out the form 4473, they call for the background check, (unless you have a CHL, then no call for the check), you give them the money. Done deal. No asking the sherriff, or filling out some state form, or waiting for however many days, or any crap like that.

    Most stores won't let you walk out with the gun and ammo, they walk it to the front door then hand it over, BUT, from what I have found, if you have your CHL, they give you both the ammo and the gun at the gun counter, and you get to meander around the store with a new gun and box of ammo in your hands.

    I am beginning to love my state more and more, the longer I am on this forum. Thanks Bumper for allowing us the forum, and the ability to see what we have and others don't.
    Ditto! Texas is a pretty good place to buy a gun, especially if you have a CHL. As a matter of fact, there are some gun shops, like Carter Country with a shooting range. You can buy a gun, holster, and ammo, try it out on their range, load a fresh mag, put it in your new holster and walk out the door. How's that for service?

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    Maryland, too (believe it or not)

    Quote Originally Posted by ibez View Post
    States that does not require permit or license to purchase handguns.
    I would add Maryland to the list, too. To buy a handgun you need to pass the NICS check and the gun is registered with the State Police but there is no actual permit or license involved.

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    Nebraska came up with handgun purchase permits as a way to side-step Brady Bill 1 - the waiting period.

    Since Brady 2 - the NICS - the identification number on the permit speeds up the NICS process a bit, especially for those with common names, who might otherwise trigger a "similarity hit".

    Private sales remain unencumbered.

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