My Tivo recorded many episodes of Under Fire on Court TV

I watched quite a few at once.

They never get in depth or even mention calibers or types of guns.

However, what I came away with was that "routine" traffic stops can get very dangerous very quickly for a Cop.

Also, people being people- sometimes someone can get hit multiple times and be OK.

Other times one shot will kill 'em.

In some VERY close up incidents, people could still miss.

If I were a Cop I'd always want a pistol *and* a rifle available to me. They got into situations of needing to shoot through a car door/window quite a bit.

It has to be stressful when they make a stop and the car comes back stolen, etc...

From a tactical standpoint, if it were OK to do so I'd always ask the driver and passenger (need to watch those SOB's!) to exit the vehicle from a distance with gun drawn.

Too much went down between the time they approached the vehicle and the time they could get them secured.

In one case, there were two people in the vehicle. Two Officers. One female officer cuffed the driver and was taking him to the squad car. As that happened the passenger (escaped convict) smoothly took a gun out and planted it right under the other Officer's chin.

That was just too close for any actions to be taken.

Eventually, the officer was able to go for his own gun and as he did the perp ran. The officer who had the gun to his chin (said he heard and felt the guy cock the hammer) shot every round he had and the female officer shot something like 5 times.

They MISSED entirely. That amazed me. Something like 15+ shots between two cops as the guy ran away. The dash cam caught them shooting very clearly.

While they don't go into any details at all about types of gun, tactics, or calibers- it will still be interesting for gun folks to watch if you haven't seen it.