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This is a discussion on Electronic Safe observation within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Quote: "Our local locksmith loves the electronic gun safes. He makes quite a bit of money getting them open for people when something goes wrong. ...

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Thread: Electronic Safe observation

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    "Our local locksmith loves the electronic gun safes. He makes quite a bit of money getting them open for people when something goes wrong. I've had a Browning/Prosteel safe since 1983 with a S&G dial and it's still working great. When I purchased my other vault I made sure I got the same S&G lock. "

    I have been working on electronic devices since 1976. I am amazed that people would trust their guns to a digital safe just because it is the latest hi tech gadget. Tumbler/dial types are much more robust and reliable.

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    Tiger Team making false claims

    While I missed the TV airing of the episode, I saw (edit: online) the one on the car dealer. Before you start with how great the Tiger Team might be, I KNOW with FIRSTHAND knowledge that the "facts" they stated in that episode were NOT correct.

    I'm not going into "why" as that could enhance someone else's attempts, but they were unable to break into the computer server, could not alter or delete data, or a couple other "achievements" they claimed.

    While I applaud their intent, I don't accept that for the sake of making themselves look unjustifiably good that it's OK to make someone else look undeservedly bad. If they care to dispute what I'm saying in a court of law, bring it on!
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    Good to know Rivers....

    Not surprising to hear this. Hollywood crap eh? Interesting...

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    If it locks, there is a BG who CAN get into it...
    My safes will only slow down the typical 'scumbag' breaking in to look for quick $$$...the professional is usually not targeting homes like mine in a neighborhood like ours...most criminals do not want to stay too long (long enough to cut into a safe). OMO
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    The top 3 models of the Liberty safes are the Presidential-Washington-Lincoln….
    I have the Washington 50 gun safe, sucker weighs 1350# empty, makes professional movers weak in the knees just looking at it.

    It is bolted to a concrete basement floor, in the corner so only the left side and door are exposed, so any attempt to to get in will be the door; 3/8” of the same steel they make drill bits out of backed by a 1” tungsten hard plate; or the left side. Even if they take the ax approach, the black powder cans are secured to the inside wall and a solid hit from an ax is likely to set it off as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by F350 View Post
    American Pit Bull-
    I have the Washington 50 gun safe
    It isn't double walled and I doubt that hitting a bottle of powder really hard with fire board (that would be the striking surface) would even come close to igniting it, but it is still an entertaining thought.

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