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What Caliber for Cow?

This is a discussion on What Caliber for Cow? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; My dad use to butcher our own beef. He used his 32 Special Deer Rifle (Winchester Model 94) and a single shot between the eyes. ...

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Thread: What Caliber for Cow?

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    My dad use to butcher our own beef. He used his 32 Special Deer Rifle (Winchester Model 94) and a single shot between the eyes. It never took him more than one shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SammyIamToday View Post
    Haha, well they have no claws, which is why we have them and not a zoo, so I imagine they'd have difficulties properly killing it. That and since they don't usually get whole carcasses (sometimes during deer season), they tend to get sick from eating too much at once. That and we gotta share with the other big cats. :)

    Thanks for all the information so far!

    Oh well then in that case just shoot the cow in the side of the head, right behind the eye with a 12 gauge with 3 inch mag Buckshot. That should proof effective and a quick kill for all involved.
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    A neighbor slaughtering a steer for the first time borrowed my 9mm P38 and was successful. Not sure where he placed the bullet---probably between the eyes. I was surprised to hear a .22 would do the trick...

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    Did it today. Had to use a rifle because the cow wouldn't allow us to seperate her and put her up where I could get close to use the pistol. 7mm to the side of the grape about 2 inches behind the left eye. Dropped like a sack of potatoes and was dead before she hit the ground.

    The lions loved them some beef this afternoon. Thanks again everyone for the help!
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    Glade to hear you used the 7mm. From personal EXPERIENCE I have seen the 22lr fail. An old cow shot between the eyes with the 22lr just shook her head, the 30-30 did the trick. While countless critters have been put down with the 22lr, in my humble opinion it should not be done. Use a 22Mag at minimum.

    And for the hammer to the head thing---from personal observation at a commercial hog confinement, they drug a downed sow out the door and proceeded to put her down with a claw hammer---it made me sick, I watch her receive 4 to 5 blows to the head with nothing but squealing. It was all my stomach could take. If you need to put a critter down, use something in a proper caliber.... If you think a 22lr is fine for a 1200lb animal, then carry it for your CCW.

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    Use a 12 ga. slug to the head. It'll drop the cow real quick. Had to shoot a brahma bull once. Slug to the head dropped him right now.
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    I have seen buffalo taken down with a .223 behind the ear, dropped on the spot. Same with cattle except a 22 one behind the ear. Dead before they know it but than cows are not the brightest animals.

    Quote Originally Posted by SleepingZ View Post
    If you think a 22lr is fine for a 1200lb animal, then carry it for your CCW.
    I would if I could guarantee every shot was right behind the ear into the brain. Remember 22lr is a favorite weapon for hitmen. As always its about shot placement
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