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Not to bust your chops, but how did you not practice movement in the apartment with the shotty before showtime?


At the time:

We had just moved into the apartment and I was injured and awaiting back surgery. I was spending my days trying to find whatever comfortable position I could to relieve the pain.

Practicing clearing my dwelling just was not on my top priority at the time, which I learned was foolish. I also realized when it happened how foolish I was for trying to clear the apartment, because if there was a confrontation I was in no condition/ability to defend myself should it turn physical. My better option would have been to stay where I was and use that same choke point to my advantage, or just walk out the other door and leave. Arrogance and denial about your abilities when your injured can cloud your judegment.

Hope that helps you understand. I didn't think you were busting my chops, so no worries.