Interesting find (I think)

Interesting find (I think)

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Thread: Interesting find (I think)

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    Interesting find (I think)

    A few of us in the office cut work early Friday for the range. I do not reload yet but I have turned into a brass hound and collect about all I can find. I scored about 20 .44 mag empties, a few .38s, and about 300 .45 ACPs. I have bins of brass stacked in the garage just waiting for reloading. I doubt I’ll reload all the different calibers I’ve found, but collecting the odd stuff is kinda fun.

    While setting up pistol targets I looked down to see an unfired round. When I picked it up I thought is was a .40 S&W but on closer inspection I saw that it was a .41 AE. I vaguely remembered hearing of the round and popped it in my pocket for later research.

    The Wiki page gave next to nothing. Fits in 9mm frame guns, same rim as a 9mm, similar ballistics to a .40 S&W, and was made obsolete by the 40. My Google search only returned a few hits selling brass and loaded rounds. YIKES!!

    A buck a piece for brass!?!? $2.50 to $5.00 a round? Do people actually shoot this stuff?

    I’m about as utilitarian as it gets with my guns and ammo. Savage bolt gun, Ruger 10-22, Remington 870, Browning Buckmark, Glock 26, and a Taurus 1911. A Kahr P-9 is my "exotic" gun. I think a buck a piece for premium defense rounds is very high and typically just keep the WWB HPs (50 cents a pop) on hand. 99.99% of the rounds I shoot are FMJ.

    Some of the exotic calibers and expensive guns out there make my low budget head spin. But, different strokes for different folks (and different price ranges) I guess.


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    I collect everything I see at the range. I de-prime them and clean them along with my own. I sell these to my local gun shop for an average of 5¢ a piece. I bag them in 100ct ziploc bags, and they work toward my ammo purchases. I do find the occasional odball caliber. I remember the 41AE. Rare indeed.

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    Damm i still have a box or two if ammo 41ae tho the gun is long gone , maby i should put it up on gunbroker lol .
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