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Do you pay yearly dues to a range?

This is a discussion on Do you pay yearly dues to a range? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Redneck Repairs Well if you count taxes as dues then i pay a hell of a lot ...... Mine's out back, so ...

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Thread: Do you pay yearly dues to a range?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redneck Repairs View Post
    Well if you count taxes as dues then i pay a hell of a lot ......
    Mine's out back, so like RR my money is paid in property taxes....

    At least I get to set the range rules!
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    My wife and I pay $250 per year (total) for 7 day a week access to a private range with a variety of ranges, out buildings, bathrooms, and privacy...hardlly ever more than just a few on a range at a time....

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    I spend significantly more than $120 driving to and from my shooting spot, which is 5+ miles from any paved road, way out in the woods. That count?

    Pete Zaria.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goawayfarm View Post
    Mine's out back, so like RR my money is paid in property taxes....

    At least I get to set the range rules!
    Same here, I used to belong to a great club that cost me $75 a year. For that I got a badge and a key and use of a couple pistol ranges and 3 rifle ranges whenever I wanted.

    Then I bought 40 acres and built my own range. When I take into account berm work, target stands, steel targets, a 200 meter bench, taxes and payments, that $75 sure was well spent!

    But, I do get to make the rules now.

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    200.00 a year for family membership. 9 ranges, high powered rifle range, tactical buildings and bathrooms. Very nice high end range and very well kept.
    Very seldom use it since I live in the country but have kept my membership up to help support it. Also, firearms are 10% over cost if ordered through Davidson's.


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    I pay $150 / yr for family membership. Can shoot anytime from 8:00am-10:00pm, free targets and discounts on anything sold in the shop.

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    My dues are $75 per year. We have a 100 yard range, three 25 yard bays, a 50 yard range, and soon to have a 300 yard range. The short ranges are lighted and it is open 24 hours. If I get selected for a position with the police department, I can "downgrade" my membership to $25 per year but lose my voting status, which I don't do anyways.

    I also live on a 360 acre farm where I can shoot. I initially joined the range so I could shoot IDPA and then realized that it is a lot more pleasant to shoot rifles at the range than at the house for a variety of reasons.
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    $150 a year for my range which is about 15 minutes away. The only rule they have there is no messy targets, so if I want to go blow something up I go to a local gravel pit which is also about 15 minutes away.

    I lik ebringing the kids to the range though, and they have a ton of nice bays, as well as a new 600 yard range.

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    $60 a year. Has 3 fishing ponds, 50yd Blackpowder/pistol range, 25yd plinking range, 200yd rifle range, skeet range, indoor .22 pistol range, archery range, and 3D walking archery range.
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    I pay $100.00 a year, PASCAGOULA SHOOTING CLUB

    The range complex consists of:
    (1). One covered sixteen lane 50 & 200 yard shooting range;

    (2). One covered four lane 200 yard shooting range with ambidextrous concrete shooting benches;

    (3). One covered fifteen lane 200, 300, 600 yard Known Distance (“KD”) shooting range;

    (4). One covered four lane 1000 yard KD shooting range;

    (5). One covered multi-position rimfire silhouette shooting range;

    (6). One covered multi-position Black Powder Centerfire shooting range;

    (7). One railway “box car” which acts as an administration and support building;

    (8). One picnic pavilion with BBQ grill;

    (9). Modern restroom / shower facilities with hot & cold running water.

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    I pay $10 a year + 15 hrs. of service to the range, that's it!
    Every 1st Weds. of the month we have a meeting, we all bring food, and every meeting counts toward our 15 hrs. (lasts about 2 hrs.).
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    We pay 150 for a family membership. We get free range time during the week, discounted prices during the weekends, discounts on everything in the shop ( full service gunshop in house )

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    "Premium membership" $220/ yr, indoor range, unlimited use, I can bring a guest free, use their rental guns free, (good selection) also includes a 10% discount on anything except guns, 3% on those. The 10% discount also applies to training classes. I figure I have saved enough on guns, ammo, classes and range time to make it well worth while.

    I also have a "limited" membership at an outdoor range, don't use it too much, $30/yr+$10 per visit. Great for sighting in the rifles.


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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ Husker View Post
    How many of you guys are allowed to carry concealed, and draw from that position in a realistic situation? Very few "for profit" ranges allow that!
    No problen carrying concealed at my range but to draw from holster you have to complete one of a couple different classes. My wife and I took a 4 hour "tactics and techniques" class that got our cards punched. Didn't take the class for that reason, but it was a nice side benefit.


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    here in the foothills we have a bunch of ranges that back up right into the mountains, about 5 miles from my house, we have a rifle range that has about 40 lanes from 50 yards to 3000 yards, a shotgun range and a handgun range with about 15 lanes from 15 yards to 100 yards, and most of the folks all use common sense and curtesy on all of them, and since there is no charge for the ranges, the only thing the state expects us to do is clean up after ourselves, which for the most part we do, a bunch of us get together about once a month and do a FOD walk (Brass, taget can, ect...) and it works well.

    and as far as carrying concealed, no range cops out there, if you cant train that way, how can you be effecient in concealed protection.... just my 2 cents.
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