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Thread: NICS Check

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    I never had a wait time in Michigan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    I've heard it actually depends on how many people have the same name as you. .
    My first name is Bartholomew. I probably won't have any trouble. LOL

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    NICS checks are an odd thing. Usually, like many people here have said, if someone has the same info as you and has committed crimes, there is a good possibility you will get delayed. I have noticed that at least in our store, more people get delayed on the weekends. I have been told it is due to some offices and places being closed and NICS cannot get the info they need.

    Funny thing is the people that get delayed most are current military and law enforcement. Especially federal law enforcement.
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    Well i went to pick up my gun today and there was no delay it only took a minute maybe less.

    Thanks for all the replys i appreciate it

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    Cool Closed for lunch!

    I was told that my transfer was placed on hold, one time a few years ago. About an hour and a half later, they called and told me to come get the pistol. It was after the traditional lunchtime by then.

    Semper Fi

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    I used to get delayed quite a bit. I would always leave the optional space that asked for my social security # blank. I decided to try it giving my ss# and have not been delayed since. Since then I haven't been delayed and have purchased 7 or 8 guns since my last delay. I generally dislike giving out my ss# but in this case I do think it prevents you from being mixed up with other folks.
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    I've never been delayed at all. I'm just a plain guy, no security clearance, no arrests, no scary name, no nothing. I do include my SS# so they can run it. I don't worry too much about them getting my SS#, the gov't has it in plenty of places already, heck they were the ones that gave it to me to begin with.
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    Before I got my permit, I was delayed all the time. I found out that an incident over 30 yrs ago that happened to me, someone "mistyped" in the report that I was a felon and to this day, that typo still in the process of getting it cleared up..but this late in life, if it's cleared up, good, if not, oh well..I have proof that I am not nor ever was a convicted felon, if that was so, not bloody likely that I would have a CHL..

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    Someone has the same first middle and last name as you... AND the same birthday? Have you thought about the possibility of identity theft? Maybe someone you know 'borrowing' everything but your SSN to avoid a speeding ticket...

    *twilight zone music*

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    Quote Originally Posted by ppkheat View Post
    I do include my SS# so they can run it. I don't worry too much about them getting my SS#, the gov't has it in plenty of places already, heck they were the ones that gave it to me to begin with.
    I've run a bunch of NICS checks, I have not had one delayed because the buyer did not give his SS#.
    There is no way to know if not using your SS# caused a delay anyway, you can't asked them. Well, you can asked them, but by law they cannot and will not tell you or your dealer. You can only find out if you appeal a denial.
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