Kimber Service Update

Kimber Service Update

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Thread: Kimber Service Update

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    Kimber Service Update

    I wanted to share a recent service experience I had with Kimber, but before I get into it I also wanted to offer some background.

    I originally joined this forum after the purchase of my Kimber Warrior (which clearly influenced my Forum ID!). It was my first .45 and I enjoyed shooting the gun so much - and still do - that I began shooting more and reading more and in doing so came upon this forum and all of the valuable information that's available here.

    One thing I've learned here is that when it comes to personal defense weapons there are many varying opinions and these opinions are like belly buttons - everyone has one and each is ideally suited to that particular individual.

    With that said I have paid particular notice to any criticism of Kimber products and services. The Warrior was a big investment for me and I really do enjoy shooting it. It's very accurate and very smooth. It poses some challenges for concealed carry but that's a topic for another thread.

    I am about 300 rounds through the recommended 500-round break in process. Until last week the weapon performed flawlessly. But during my most recent visit to the range (Saturday) I experienced the slide locking open while a round still remained in the clip (one round of the 100 I fired). As this was the topic of one of the anti-Kimber rants I recently read I was more concerned than I might have been had I never read the criticism at all. So first thing Monday morning I placed a call into Kimber. It took only a moment to reach "John" in the custom shop. I described my experience to him in the same detail as above and asked if this was a "known" problem with my model gun. He said that it sometimes was and was not necessarily unique to Kimber 1911 products. He said if it continued to occur I could simply replace the slide lock with one that has been modified to be less likely to lock erroneously. When I asked how I could get the modified slide lock he replied "tell me your address and I'll send you one."

    The new slide lock arrived with today's mail.

    Now, my plan is to leave the existing slide lock where it is until I complete the 500-round break-in, which I should have done by the end of this month. If the condition repeats itself I will switch out the slide locks when I next break down the gun for cleaning.

    I am not in LE nor do I work in the firearms industry. I do work in the service industry and I was very impressed with my ability to easily contact someone within Kimber and receive such a courteous and rapid response.

    So, for what it’s worth, I thought I would share this experience here.

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    Good to hear. My dad had service through them for a bulged barrel after a hand load stuck in the barrel and he fired another shot into it. Turn around for the new barrel was really fast and reasonably priced.

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    Good to hear.

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