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Want a .22 rifle,opinions?

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Thread: Want a .22 rifle,opinions?

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    +1 to the Ruger 10/22. Lot's of aftermarket accessories and they will eat anything and will long be around.

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    i also have the ruger 10/22. great rifle imo.
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    the 10/22 is a fine rifle with a whole lot of aftermarket support so you can make it into whatever you want pretty much.

    I have a Savage model 64 which was like 100 bucks at Wally World, and it serves me just fine
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    Ruger 10/22. Reliable, rugged, parts available anywhere. Great rimfires! A lot of different models to choose from too.

    Quote Originally Posted by David in FL View Post

    I have an old Remington nylon 66 that's ugly as sin, but still going strong. Anyone remember those things?!
    Oh! I wanted one so bad I could taste it! Never got around to it thou - much to my regrets!
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    usa-southeast texas

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    For a little more money, you can get a Marlin 39A. Very accurate, lever action and a ton of fun. Great tin can, target, and jack rabbit medicine gun.
    The others mentioned are great guns. I have several 22 rifles in my safes. Great to start youngsters and new shooters on and to just spend an afternoon burning powder with.
    Remington Nylon 66 is very light and tough and just keeps on shootin". All can have a scope mounted on them but keep the challenge there by using iron sights.
    Get a staple gun, paper picnic plates, a quarter,(to make the bulls eye) and a Marks A Lot, and you are set up pretty inexpensively with target shooting paraphenalia.

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    Nearly same as abuttermilk

    Semi-Auto - Remington Nylon 66.

    Semi-Auto - Remington 552.

    Lever - Marlin 39A.

    Lever - Henry, standard or youth.

    All four have run super, one since 1967.

    Ruger, well I do not have Ruger's since Bill Ruger, supported the Democrats by his idea of no magazines with more than 10 rounds in the early 1990's.

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    I have to agree with the Ruger 10/22... Reliable, fun and very accurate from the factory. And the price is right. Lots of aftermarket mods available.

    I just ordered the new Ruger Charger, which is based on 10/22 action... Can't wait!
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    Well, since no one has mentioned the 10/22....
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    +1 on the 10/22

    I also really like my Remington 552. It's the only semi-auto out there that can shoot both .22 Shorts and Long Rifle.

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    We have the Ruger 77/22 Allweather plinking machine. Very nice, differs from the 10/22 in that it is bolt action. Makes the kid slow down and take his time.
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    I'd buy the Marlin.
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    I just bought a Marlin 60 from Wally World - $145.00 OTD. Great fit and finish. Looking forward to putting a brick threw it soon.

    The only problems I've heard from 2 friends is the Marlin 60 doesn't like Federal ammo- jams. They both have tried Federal and got the same results. Both went to Remington ammo and have had 0 jams since. I haven't heard anything about WWB ammo but would be curious as I shoot a lot of WWB 9mm with 0 problems. Anyone else had these results with the Marlin 60?
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    My wife likes burning up ammo in her scoped Ruger 'Deluxe' Model 10/22.

    I like my Taurus 62C SS. It's accurate and fun to shoot.
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    uhm...yeah, like many said... 10/22. Very nice rifle. When you get tired of the way it looks and want to add accessories you'll have no problem. Check out rimfirecentral.com; I love that site. You can get all the info you need and more on great rimfire rifles.
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