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Thread: info is it a good site?

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    Question info is it a good site?

    I've been browzing for a long time now and want to throw out a few bids. But the onlt reserve I have is what is their rep like?
    Is this a site I can trust not just giving my credit card info out either. Has anyone bid on something and been taken by a shady seller?
    I guess what I'm asking is are they a trustworthy and legit place to buy a firearm from?
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    The web site's a good one, with a decent enough reputation.

    You can pay sellers via money order or cashier's check, and only purchase if they're going through a formal retail shop that you can verify has the gun in hand. Otherwise, the risks of buying sight-unseen are what you think they'd be. And that's not's fault, as such.

    I have yet to be burned, but there are some unscrupulous vendors. seems to try hard to guard against them and weed them out. Still, the occasional shady seller exists ... Gunbroker, Auction Arms, Guns America, your local newspaper, or anywhere else.

    Keep in mind, though, that it's not Gunbroker that's selling you the firearm. It's the seller. Gunbroker's only the medium for your hearing of the sale, much like your newspaper's classified ads section.

    Some steps you can take:
    • Get photos. Better yet, ask for a photo from a specific angle or view, of the gun in question, as that's not something the person will find on the internet. It's a good way to ensure that the gun really exists, as claimed. Many will be offended, but not if you ask simply and directly, in cases where there are few photos already posted.
    • Find out the serial number in advance of making a bid, then check out that S/N with your state police to confirm it's not been reported stolen.
    • Only pay via money order or cashier's check.
    • If concerned, only pay a seller after confirming independently that the gun is at the retail store of their FFL, instead of a fly-by-night alternative. Though, this cuts out 90% of the sellers, right off the top.
    • Speak with the person on the telephone, prior to bidding, if you can. Many find it simpler to get a good/bad feel for someone with a spoken conversation, given the cues you can read in a discussion.
    • Get a UPS/FedEx tracking number of the package as it's mailed to your FFL.
    • Or, focus on only those firearms that are available via face-to-face transfer in your state, if your state allows undocumented transfers.
    • Check the selling history of the vendor. Go with someone with a suitable track record. Avoid those with bad records. Use this feature like the BBB, as an indicator.
    • Be patient. Ensure you know about the class of weapons you're bidding on. Know about comparables, and know the relative grades of quality, condition and price. Then, and only then, bid on something once it feels right. This can eliminate a good percentage of the bad eggs.

    I've sold a couple on GB, and I've purchased a few. Have yet to find a bad buyer or seller. Have met a couple face to face. Have paid fair prices for items that were as advertised. All in all, it's the precautions, I think, that have helped to make my experience a good one. Still, am keeping the eyes/ears open.
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    I have made a few purchases there. No firearms but, related stuff. Absolutely no problems at all.
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    Bought my Turk Mauser using, and I'd use it again.


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    Yes I've bought and sold a bunch of stuff on there. Guns, reloading stuff.

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    Think of it as an Ebay for firearms related items. Look at who's selling, or buying, and go from there. My experience has been highly satisfactory.

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    I've bought three firearms and several accessories. Just like EBay, the seller has ratings next to his/her name. If you find one with several thousand positive ratings (A+, A) you can feel pretty confident. I usually trade emails prior to finalizing the transaction and have yet to be burned. Do your homework and I think you will enjoy the site and have smooth transactions.
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    I agree it's just like Ebay, there are crooks that give the honest folks a bad reputation. I have purchased many guns from fellow forum members and have never been disappointed.
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    I guess I'm the only one who has had a bad experiecne with a seller there. I bought my AK through the site from a seller who had nothing but good reports. Did not get all of what was advertise and he quit answering my emails. I ended up being his only bad report out of hundreds. Not much I could do about it. I will not use them anymore. I'm lucky my brother-in-law is a FFL dealer so its not hard for me to get good deals.

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