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What do you use to clean your weapons?

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Thread: What do you use to clean your weapons?

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    Making ammo.
    Hoppe's Elite Foam

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    Quote Originally Posted by snakatack View Post
    Hoppes # 9

    Never been a complaint about it's smell in this household.

    Grandpa used it, Dad used it, I use it. Can a smell be historic?
    Dittos, I know there are better products out there but every time I open a bottle of Hoppes #9 I remember Dad and I coming home from hunting and cleaning our weapons. Great memories and I think it's one of lifes best smells. My wife grew up with it too and has never complained.
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    I carry a Colt Delta Elite 10mm in Milt Sparks VM2 with 2 extra magazines on my belt. This is normally worn on a belt under my bib overalls and works great for me. My wife carries a Walther PPS .40 w/Crossbreed holster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuns View Post
    I dont think you have enough gun cleaning supplies....
    I was sorta wondering what he uses the Maxwell House coffee for?
    Assault is a behavior, not a device.

    "Don't never take no shortcuts." Patty Reed, Donner Party

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    I was sorta wondering what he uses the Maxwell House coffee for?
    Coffee cans---effective use of storage space. One can contains pulled 147gr JHPs from 'Enforcer' 9mm, one can contains the brass with live primers still intact, the other----tracer compound or thermite-can't exactly remember.

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    I wish I had a bench :(,...my "bench" is the coffee table,and ALOT of paper towels,lol

    "To blame a gun for a mans decision is to foolishly attribute free will to an inanimate object"- Colion Noir.

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    Another vote for Eds' Red. I use Hoppes #9 for aftershave. Any woman that doesnt like the smell is instantly disqualified and banned from my home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timmy Jimmy View Post
    Does anyone know of a cleaner that does not smell up the house as much as Hoppe's #9?


    ????? Hoppe's #9 is PERFUME to a gunner! :) Always seek out a future mate who appreciates it :)

    I use Ed's Red most of the time, Hoppe's when needed.

    I use Rem Oil spray for a quick, light external spray down, particularly for my carry gun.


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    hoppes #9 then some clp. on some rifles i will use cheap brake cleaner, follow with hoppes and clp.
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    Red State State of Mind

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    MPRO7 cleaning.

    MIL-COMM - TW25B White Grease - Handguns.

    Sentry Solutions - Hi Slip Grease - Rifles and Shotguns.

    Sentry Solutions - MARINE TUF Cloth - Final wipe down of all - Handguns, Rifles, and Shotguns.

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