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What was/is your cheapest piece of junk handgun?

This is a discussion on What was/is your cheapest piece of junk handgun? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Closest thing I have is an old Rossi .38 Spl. It works fine, but the lock doesn't engage the cylinder notches quite as tightly as ...

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Thread: What was/is your cheapest piece of junk handgun?

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    Closest thing I have is an old Rossi .38 Spl. It works fine, but the lock doesn't engage the cylinder notches quite as tightly as I would like. It's always worked, but it needs a little TLC.

    I don't really want to get rid of it because a) I'd be out $65 and b) it makes a great little "beater" gun and c) I don't believe in pawning off your problems to somebody else.

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    What was/is your cheapest piece of junk handgun?

    The worst POS I ever owned was NOT an El Cheapo, but from a popular US manufacturer, and I paid high dollar for it.
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    Still got it,..Hi-point .40S&W. 100$ brand new,...never had a FTF or FTE,but it is rather large and "dufy"...I wanted the 9mm or .380,thats my only kinda regret,I got something to eat,thought about it and went back up to the gunshop to get it,and the 9 was sold,the guy said he'd knock down the price of the .40 so I said sure,lol.

    I really,really want one of their carbines,especially with the remarkable success I've had with this one.
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    A 32 Clerke revolver. Give about 20 bucks for it new at a Gunshop in Memphis.......
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    Kel-tec P3AT bought new for $125 at a gun store closing. Not really a piece of junk though.

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    The worst was a Jennings J-22, piece of ................
    Next in line,
    Taurus PT-945, .45 ACP only accurate if pushed into BG's belly
    Taurus 24/7, .45 ACP Too many feed issues
    Taurus Millennium Pro 111, 9mm Just as inaccurate as the .45

    Got rid of them all, gots me an HK, and a G30. Should had done that from the beginning.
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    Walther P22, reliable in that it jams everytime
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    S&W SW9M, biggest piece of garbage ever thought of. Trigger pull seemed to be 500 lbs, wouldn't fire 2 shots in a row without something happening to it. Had to puch out 2 small pins to dis-assemble it, maybe it would go back together, maybe it wouldn't. Part of the plastic frame broke, waiting for a police by back program around the area to off load it.
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    CZ52 Pistol in 7.62x25mm. $139 included a spare mag, a holster and a cleaning rod. After shooting it and learning about its faults, I spent too much money. I've since figured out that that by spending over $100 I could make it a decent gun. I can't even bring myself to sell the thing as is.

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    I have a tie! I still have both, but have not shot them in years. One is a Raven .25 (paid about $50 new) that has already been mentioned in this thread. It would always fire, but if you weren't careful, the slide would cut your hand in an instant. The other is a Haskell .45 (paid about $110 new) that was the predecessor of the Hi-Point. After second or third round would almost always hit the feedramp and pop straight up jamming the gun.

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    Jennings .22 as a tacklebox gun. Eventually dismantled it, rendered it unfireable forever (Military 1911 "de-milled" style) and threw it away.
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    The cheapest I've had so far was my first. A Kel-Tec P-11. It was decent but it broke on me and I needed something else.
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    A used Davis P-380. I had an itch once to buy a gun, and it was what was available. Good shooter, low recoil due to its weight. At about 135 rounds I noticed a hairline crack in the slide near the front. I stupidly assumed the crack had been there awhile and that I had previously overlooked it. At 140 rounds, the slide had almost separated in two. Perhaps another round or two and 95% of the slide might have been launched into my face.

    This experienced reaffirmed my gut instinct to not go cheap when buying a gun, especially one I planned to carry. I should have listened to my instincts the first time.

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    +1 on the Hi Point. I traded some AR 15 magazines for it. I also never had a problem with mine. I ended up selling it to my former sister-in-law for $75.
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    Jenco .22LR. I take it to the range and shoot it every 2 or 3 times. It's my "throw away" gun...for $30.00 it's a fun little thing. And it works...bout 95% of the time. Once in awhile it has a habit of not ejecting properly. It was my first .22.

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