What was/is your cheapest piece of junk handgun?

What was/is your cheapest piece of junk handgun?

This is a discussion on What was/is your cheapest piece of junk handgun? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have to admit years ago I purchased a Bryco Arms .380 auto for about $30 at a gun show. worse yet I still have ...

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Thread: What was/is your cheapest piece of junk handgun?

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    What was/is your cheapest piece of junk handgun?

    I have to admit years ago I purchased a Bryco Arms .380 auto for about $30 at a gun show. worse yet I still have it. Only fired it once and it cut the heck out of my hand. Heck maybe it will be a collectors item one day? NOT.
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    I can beat that. In the back of one of the safes is an RG revolver, .22 short. It works, too. One step above a starter pistol or evan a cap gun. How did I get it....... It's a long story.

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    .25 Raven. I got screwed.

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    Hi-Point 40Had it for a month. I will have to admit that it never FTF and was very accurate.

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    Your First Handgun, ole reliability ... ?


    It is an Iver Johnson .32 S&W long I recieved in 1959.
    Old reliability it's not. The DA trgger pull is heavy and the ammo is hard to find and has less ft-pounds than a .22lr.
    I have it.

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    The cheapest is a single action 44-40 that I paid about 160 for brand new. It however is not a piece of junk. I can proudly say that I don't have anything that I would consider junk. Everything functions as expected when I purchased them.
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    Llama .45acp.......One of only two firearms that I purchased & no longer own.
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    Quote Originally Posted by helitech View Post
    Hi-Point 40Had it for a month. I will have to admit that it never FTF and was very accurate.
    Same here except it is a 9mm. It still shoots good. You should have kept yours so that when you go shooting with newbies, you can use it as a loaner, and not loan out your expensive guns. Better yet, they probably will not know the difference until that buy their own.

    Also, everyone needs a swamp gun that still shoots, and if you lose it, buy another for the cost of a couple of ski lift tickets.

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    What was/is your cheapest peace of junk handgun?
    Guess I just had one, (cheapest) given to me. It was a Mauser HSc pistol in 9mm kurtz-(or .380) shot it a few times but was never really loved---that went towards my Norinco 1911 in the early 90's. I don't currently have a "was/is your cheapest peace of junk handgun. I kinda wish I did in a way. Say------------------How's about some pics----and I might even see fit to throw in an extra $5 for you storing it for me for so long!
    I have to admit years ago I purchased a Bryco Arms .380 auto for about $30 at a gun show. worse yet I still have it.
    What-d-ya say? PM me if you're really serious about it being a burden for you.

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    Dang - someone else already mention an RG in .22 short - thought I'd win that one LOL. What a loada horse puckey it is, but fun to have as an example of the ''genre'' !!

    I have an old crap "Young Americans'' junker in .22 short and also a poor specimen Ivor Johnson .32. They were aquired when someone threw them out - hardly any use!! Don't really count those.

    The RG's seemed to get all sorta names slapped on em - mine had ''Puppy''

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    I think my cheapest gun is my 442...

    Maybe once I've got all the nice ones I want I'll start getting cheap ones for kicks. That will be a while though.


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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ Husker View Post
    .25 Raven. I got screwed.
    Ditto! One Raven .25. Didn't really shoot so bad, but it was ugly! I think my dog ate it.
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    The only cheap piece of crap I ever owned was an RG. It drew blood on me and my brother one day when the cylinder didn't line up with the barrel and we shot it....splitting two halves of the bullet out the sides striking us both. We weren't hurt to badly but it did sting.

    That fine piece of machinery promptly made its way to the bottom of a pond where it still sits to this day..no doubt rusted up beyond all recognition.
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    swiftyjuan: Your dog ate it?

    Remind me not to be messing with your pooch, man.

    I've never had a real piece of trash. I had a 10mm Witness Compact that jammed a lot, and I had a couple of CZ-52's that shot about a foot under POA at 3 yards (and it didn't get better as you went further out- I tried it just to find out). All those guns shot pretty accurately, though (tight groups), and were bargain-priced.

    I've had a Smith .44 Special revolver that hurt to shoot and with which I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, and Taurus .38 that did the same thing. But those two were reliable.

    Never had an unreliable, inaccruate gun.

    But I'm still a fairly young man....
    "...bad decisions that turn out well often make heroes."

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    I remember the RG's, they were of "cap gun technology".

    I guess the worst gun I own is a Jennings .22. A friend of my aunts died and I bought everything he owned (which wasn't much, from his family) his property included the Jennings pistol. I've never shot it, and it sits in it's original box in my gunsafe.
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