HK USP Caliber Conversion???

HK USP Caliber Conversion???

This is a discussion on HK USP Caliber Conversion??? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I just picked up a HK USP Compact and am VERY happy with it. Fit, finish, function, reliability and accuracy are all they should be. ...

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Thread: HK USP Caliber Conversion???

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    Question HK USP Caliber Conversion???

    I just picked up a HK USP Compact and am VERY happy with it. Fit, finish, function, reliability and accuracy are all they should be. This gun, for me is very easy to shoot well. I bought the gun in .40 cal. I had owned a .40 before and was not thrilled with its handling, or its recoil. The HK pretty much took care of that and I find it a very pleasurable gun to shoot. My question however is this, is it possible, to swap out the barrel and have convert the pistol to .357 sig if I wanted to. I know that it can be done with other .40 cal pistols. And if I can, would there be any ill effects to the pistol, could I harm something?? Thanks in advance for all your ideas. Also please feel free to share your experiences with, likes and dislikes of the HK USP 40C. ONE last thing and I will be done, I typically carry IWB, however am not opposed to other carry methods, if you guys *and girls* can share your carry methods and holsters it woudl be GREAT. Thanks again.

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    Welcome to the forum, Jayrod.

    I used to carry a fullsize USP in .40. Very nice pistol.

    For IWB carry, you can't go wrong with a CTAC: Comp-Tac

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    I carry a USP Compact in .40 also. It's a wonderful little gun, congrats on the purchase. A buddy of mine with a USP/C in 9mm looked into switching calibers, and here's what he came up with. It's very possible from a technical standpoint (all you need is a new barrel, slide, and sometimes mags), but getting the actual parts is nearly impossible. HK doesn't offer parts for sale, and there are no aftermarket options. You would basically have to buy a new gun in the caliber you want, and then swap parts.

    With the cost of .40 these days, I'd love to have the ability to use 9mm practice ammo, but HK's standard policy of ignoring anybody without a govt. contract behind them kinda cut that idea off at the knees.

    However, I can give you some good news on holsters. The CTAC is a winner if you like IWB carry. For OWB, FOBUS paddle holsters are a very good fit and cheap too.

    But stay away from Uncle Mike's. I got one of their paddles for my 1911 and it fit great, but for some reason their USP/C holsters grab too tight, and you end up adjusting it either so loose that the gun will jump out at the slightest opportunity or so tight that you have to tear your pants off to draw it. There is no middle ground.
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