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Thread: revolver question

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    revolver question

    I just purchased a used Ruger GP100. Since not be a revolver person I looked it over the best I could. Brought it home cleaned it and started to dry fire. After about 20 times of dry firing I pulled the trigger, the cylinder would rotate but the hammer would not go back and release I dry fired it like this about 5-10 time then the hammer engaged again. It took the grips off and inspected the spring, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. 300 dry fires later and this did not happen again. The gun shop said they would either send it out to Ruger or give me my money back. They could not explain why this would happen and they do not have a gunsmith on the premises. Any idea what would cause this and what the fix would be. If I knew I would then decide on the return or repair or a wait and see. It's not a carry piece but a shooter for the range.

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    This kind of problem, whether in a revolver or pistol, is often caused by a small piece of debris - a shaving or filing - that is missed in factory. After a bit of use it breaks loose or slides into a place that causes trouble. Then it gets on out of the way by cleaning or continued firing attempts.

    I would thoroughly clean the gun making sure that there are no burrs or shavings found. Then fire several hundred rounds through the weapon. I would also do some more dry firing especially when the gun is still dirty from shooting. If after that there is no recurrence I would think there is not likely to be one. Even after this though I would not trust the gun for carry until I had put at least 500 rounds through it with no further problems. That is what I use as my test period on all guns that I am going to carry whether they have any initial problem or not.

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    could be some trash/dirt inside the works. open it up and give it a good cleaning. that should take care of it. i am not big on dry firing a gun. they seem to do better with live ammo. some used snap caps, but i don't. i use live ammo. range time is the best way to break in a gun.
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    I agree give it some range time and see what happens.

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    Somewhere in the cobwebs of my mind I seem to recall reading once that the Ruger DA can be manipulated to achieve the scenerio described here. It was suppose to be something unique to the design of the lockwork. Someone else may have heard this and knows more about it. Personally, I've never seen any of several Security Sixes, GP 100's, or SP 101's fall into this mode of cycling.

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    Usually when this happens on a Ruger revolver it is because the operator is not allowing the trigger to fully return forward. It's called short stroking and I've seen a lot of people do it. My wife had a problem doing this but she finally learned to slow down and let the trigger reset. It's just a function of Ruger's design. Not a flaw. Try cycling the (unloaded) action and see for yourself. It is possible there is a mechanical problem. If it still does it, you need to have a smith look at it.

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    Thanks for the imput. I thinks I'll keep it.

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