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Do you shoot one brand of pistol better than another?

This is a discussion on Do you shoot one brand of pistol better than another? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; i don't know if the brand has anything to do with it, but i definitely shoot my beretta 92f better than anything else i own....

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Thread: Do you shoot one brand of pistol better than another?

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    i don't know if the brand has anything to do with it, but i definitely shoot my beretta 92f better than anything else i own.

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    oh yea, you can have two of the same make and model gun with the same grips, sights, everything, and shoot them differently
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    I shoot my glocks the best because I shoot them the most.Practice,practice.

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    Within the 1911 tribe, I shoot Les Baers much better, because of the way the junction of the front strap and trigger guard is sculpted. In fact, I sold off all of my 1911s except for my Baer Thunder Ranch Special. If I ever want another 1911, the frame, at least, will be a Baer, or will need to be custom-sculpted to resemble a Baer. Brownells sells Baer frames; I have thought about ordering one on which to build a dedicated .22 LR 1911. In 2002, I started carrying a Glock G22 as a duty pistol, having to set aside the 1911 for reasons too long to mention here. In 2004, when I found that some co-workers were being allowed to qual with P229s with the new DAK triggers, I started looking for one. (The decocker P229 was already on the "approved" list.) I found one, with the short trigger, and jumped on it. The first time I fired it, it was on my agency's qual course, cold, no warm-up shots, and I fired a better score than I had done with a G22 in over two years of trying. The G22 may have had a lighter trigger, but the DAK is much smoother.
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    I personally shoot better with the pistol that is in my hand at the time, as opposed to the one that isn't.

    There there are pistols that I have that I just naturally shoot better with due to the barrel lenght, trigger pull, caliber, or whatever factor.

    I only have two pistols that are the same. Both single action in 44-40, and I shoot them equally as well since the are exactly the same pistol. It really is hard to compare the other types of guns to each other as they spread a wide range of calibers and manufacturers with none being the same caliber.

    I can shoot my 45 more accurately than my 9mm or 380, but I can put more rounds out of the latter two faster than the 45 on target.

    I can shoot more accurately with my 44 mag and 257 mag than pretty much anything else, because of the longer barrel, better sights, ect. But the time between shoots fired is way slower than most anything else, even the single actions.

    It really is hard to compare what I am a better shot with because the guns aren't designed for the same thng.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    I shoot about the same with all my guns, or try my best too. each one has its differences and a good skill to have is being able to adjust between each type. I suppose I could spend money in order to make them all as close as possible ot each other, but other then getting rid of the straight eight sights on my Taurus PT111, I see no need nor do I have the cash to do that.

    But in order, I rank my guns better to worse in shooting ease.

    1 Glock 19
    1A XD45
    2 Kimber Tac Ultra II ( only because I havent had it long )
    3 Taurus Mil Pro PT111

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    I'd choose my SIG's over others - simply because the overall ''fit'' is better than many other makes - grip shape, angle etc. Second small aspect is manual of arms, that suits me well.

    Differences in ''shooting better'' are usually quite small make to make altho I invariably do better with larger pistols, as I expect do most.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarge45 View Post
    I am a dead-eye with my Kimbers.
    Another Kimber 'dead-eye' here...I think my Kimbers are more accurate than I am...
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    I can't hit anything with a Glock. Honest. I'm pretty good with Sigs and HKs. Oddly, the best I have ever shot was with a gun I no longer own: Beretta 92 Brigadier. I could drive tacks with it at 25m but it didn't fit my hand properly and it would've been horrible for a CCW.
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    My Glock 19 make me look good.

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    I don't know if neccisarily its the brand,or just what I prefer therefor I shoot more and am better with.

    "To blame a gun for a mans decision is to foolishly attribute free will to an inanimate object"- Colion Noir.

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