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Thread: Topping off magazine

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    Quote Originally Posted by exactlymypoint View Post
    I have several Glocks, all in .40 caliber. I have many, many magazines. I only use 6 exclusively for defensive purposes. For my Glock 27 (subcompact) the magazine will hold 9. However, I have never been able to put more than 8 in there. The same for my 23s. The magazine will hold 13, but I have never been able to load more than 12.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is there a trick to topping it off? All suggestions are welcome.
    I assume that you are not using a loader. I decided that it is not worth the hassle trying to squeeze that last round in without a loader. Thus, I always keep one in with my ammo. The problem is that I have to have a different loader for each pistol which is a real pain.

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    Brand new Glock mags just need to be broken in a little bit. I have found the best way is to load and unload them 3-5 times, then let them sit loaded for a day or 2 and then load and unload again. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

    After a week or two, I have no problem in loading them to the top by hand. I have never bought into the leaving them with one round less theory. I have heard people claim that it causes malfunction, but I have never experienced it nor I have ever had it confirmed by any reliable sources. I carry fully loaded +1 in the pipe.

    As far as loading assisters, they are nice but I have never made the habit of relying on them. My thoughts (and training) have always come to the conclusion that they can be a hinderance. Chances are you won't be carrying one in combat, and if you need to reload a magazine you want to be proficient at doing it by hand. The only autoloader I have is one for my 10/22 magazines.
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    for some unknown reason glock mags does this. no matter the cal. i have had this problem with my g17,19,26,23,27,30,and 36. don't matter it i add plus 2 and/or plus one base plates. if seems that after use they will let me get that last round in. but it is not a over night thing, some it took months before i could.
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    I haven't had any problems loading my 23 magazines with 13. Just takes a lot of pushing that top round.
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    I had the same problem with my G30 9, and 10 rounders. It was next to impossible to get the last round in even after some break in.

    I end up taking some of back leg of the follower off. After that the follower would go down far enough to get the last round in, with out any problems.

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