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Thread: Gun room

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    Gun room

    This is what I want.
    YouTube - Secret Gun Room

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    Pretty nice room!

    This looks like a good idea. I couldn't tell what kind of door and locks the room has, or whether the door is hidden from view within the house. I'd also like to know about temperature and humidity control in the room, and fire protection.
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    Nice, I would like that too!!!!!

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    That was sweet. The only problem is it looks like he ran out of room. He can't add too many more guns.

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    Is it still a secret when it's on youtube?

    Sorta like the fellow who wanted a secret safe location so he put it on the blueprints...

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    I've got a couple of customers with gun room/safe rooms and I am envious of what they have. They both had vault doors built into the concrete of the safe room. They are supposed to be able to withstand fire and a class 5 tornado. Makes my two safes look like chump change.
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    Now I have gun safe room envy!!
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    I see a lot of guns but I don't see a whole lot of ammo for them.

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    I've been in gun shops with fewer guns and boxes of ammo than that. Now... I just have to figure out the funding...
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    a man can dream

    Talk about a nightmare trying to remeber holsters to firearms and which one you want to carry,...

    I'd have to get up an hour early just to stare and try to find a holster for the firearm I decided on for the day(eek)

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    Not so secret of a gun room anymore.
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    Still a secret, You never saw the outside entrance and you don't have an address/ But letting people in, it won't be a secret long because people talk.

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    If you are building a new house, the cost is not to bad. Had a friend put one in his basement. It is not hidden, but is flush with the concrete wall. He said the door cost about $1500 and the extra foundation work was about $2000.
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    They seamed better outfitted than the local gun shop and the big box store here in town.
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    And when zombies came, he stood and greeted them accordingly.

    Party at his house when the infection comes.


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