What's a Univ Pistol Club DO?

What's a Univ Pistol Club DO?

This is a discussion on What's a Univ Pistol Club DO? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; In response to my remark about my daughter moving away to college and possibly forming a pistol club there, friespferd kindly wrote, ...I'm the president ...

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Thread: What's a Univ Pistol Club DO?

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    What's a Univ Pistol Club DO?

    In response to my remark about my daughter moving away to college and possibly forming a pistol club there, friespferd kindly wrote,
    ...I'm the president of a university pistol club, I'm sure I could give her some info to help her out. Having a student club that is gun related isn't an easy thing to do, but very possible.
    OK, so this is mostly a dad's pipe dream rather than necessarily being something that dear daughter would be interested in or have time for... but the question remains:

    What does a college pistol club DO? I would love to get some ideas about what such a club looks like. And I suppose I should ask how much time would it be likely to consume, too.

    Daughter will be attending a very small, very conservative liberal arts college in a small town in Idaho that is home to a large State U as well. I would expect the school to be supportive of this sort of club long before some of the other clubs I saw when I was in college. The club would not be official (there have no clubs - they're into education), but could be an independent gathering consisting largely of their students. First things first, of course, I already have the patch designed.

    There is an outdoor range about 12 miles away, and may be an indoor range in the next town. The local sheriff is an NRA instructor and heavily in support of Second Amendment rights - great guy, too: I met him when we visited. There is one gun shop in town; the owner's wife (GF?) has a bright pink Hello, Kitty! AR-15 that is built to incredible standards, and with it she beats the boys all the time in competitions (click here if you're brave).

    Thoughts about college gun clubs? Who knows, perhaps your ideas will spark something.
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    ok, so this is probably going to be a long post.. if not many many posts over the next few days.

    actually now that i mention it, im going to save this post for a little later when i have more time.
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    Well, I did a lot of work with The Ohio State University pistol club. We shot once a week on the range on campus (it's hidden, but there), and we did various pro-gun things around campus. The pistol club and chapter of students for concealed carry were pretty much one in the same.

    They can find somewhere that will sell them range time/ammo at discounted rates, and possibly offer training if members get NRA Certified (almost all of our officers were). Other than that they just raise firearms awareness (in a good way) on campus.
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    I'm on the pistol team at Miami University, but I'm not sure if my experience translates well for what you are interested in. The club is basically run by the ROTC officers and students. Meetings are held in the basement of our basketball arena, where the ROTC offices are, where there's an underground .22 pistol range. Every week, we usually shoot 40 rounds of .22lr at 25 and 50 feet. No formal training is done, although the safety officer is always strict on rules, and regularly throws people out for poor muzzle or trigger control. We use Smith and Wesson Model 41's that are really old, but are buying some Beretta 92s with .22 conversion kits this year with University funds. It's great. We've talked about doing competitions with other pistol teams, but have never done it. I feel like we should also be trying to help people become better shots, as people many times have a hard time hitting the paper. That's all i've got for now.

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    We had a similar situation here with our Paintball Club. Which were also forbidden from dorm rooms. Each University Club here has to have a Faculty adviser. So he and I obtained and put up some lockers that we got from our Surplus that were taken out of the athletic locker room and we put them at his place and we also had a few Club members off campus and the equipment was stored there. And each member provided their own lock. It was about all we could do. However I would be a bit more nervous about storing someones firearm at my place due to insurance issues. I think in that case I might try and enlist the assistance of the Police dept for store them in lockers there at their place. I believe I could talk them into it. We also did have a large amount of Paintball equipment stored over at the ROTC armory. They had a full set of equipment that the club maintained for them. We used that for rentals on some of our field days when we would try and enlist new members. The ROTC used them for tactics drills. But personal student owned equipment we stored off campus.

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    I never belonged to any such club in college, so all I can offer is a little insight about college activities and a pointer to a large, successful club at MIT (yup, in Cambridge, the bastion of tree huggers and granola crunchers).

    - College activities have to be approved by the college. When approved, they operate under the college's rules, get funding from the college, etc. Getting this setup is likely the most difficult part, unless the admin is pro-2A.

    - Check out MIT P&R Club's website and perhaps contact them for more info if you need it.
    MIT P&R Club

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    I just found out my school is starting a student-run marksman club that will be doing local competitions. Guess who's joining?
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