Need rifle advice for a friend

Need rifle advice for a friend

This is a discussion on Need rifle advice for a friend within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have a friend who is new to guns and eventually wants to get into hunting. Knowing that I like guns he asked for my ...

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Thread: Need rifle advice for a friend

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    Need rifle advice for a friend

    I have a friend who is new to guns and eventually wants to get into hunting. Knowing that I like guns he asked for my thoughts. Even though I love guns I am not a hunter and need some help. He wants to buy a general hunting rifle (talked about hunting deer). Nothing fancy, just something to get him started. If I had to give him an answer I would say Remington 700 in .308, but like I said, I'm not a hunter so I don't really know. He didn't give too many specifics, but from what I said, what do you guys think? Also, being that he is new to guns, he doesn't want to spend a fortune on one. Not yet anyway.

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    depends on where in the USA you are...

    what he wants to do with it....

    how much money he wants to spend

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    Give Savage a try. With the accu-trigger, pillar bedding and free-floated barrel, they are great guns at any price, but luckily they are very reasonable.
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    Since he doesn't want to spend a fortune on one, I'd seriously look at a Savage bolt action in the caliber you suggested (.308), or maybe the 30-06. The Remington 700 is very nice no doubt.

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    Well, it depends on what/where he hunts, and a whole lot of other variables. I'd look at one of the savage rifles with the Accutrigger, in something like .30-06 or .308. That is a good baseline, but if hes gonna be plinking groundhogs or something else similar, he obviously wouldn't need that kind of rifle.
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    A good, affordable, general purpose deer rifle cartridge is the .30-30.
    I've got a Marlin 336A (my first rifle) that I've been working with for just over a year now. I'm hitting a 14 inch square target at 200 yards with iron sights and 170 grain Monarch ammo. The lever action makes for a nice all-around rifle. You can mount a scope on it if you need to.
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    It he is hunting big game, a .308 or .30-06 will cover him for anything in the lower 48. If he wants to shoot varmints, then something smaller.

    Remington 700 is nice but can be a little pricy. I would suggest to hunt around for a Howa. They are some of the best "unknown" bolts out there and are still reasonably priced even though they are starting to go up.
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    Another vote for a .30-06. It will do anything you need to do in North America. There are a ton of bullet weights to match what you are hunting and ammo is always readily available. I have Remington 700s and Savage 110 and 116 hunting rifles and to be honest... I decided to take my 116 on my Canadian bear hunt this past spring. Think a lot of people overlook these rifles. They are always great shooters and the price is right. Tell him to put the very best glass and mounts on it that he can afford (if he ultimately wants a scope). Can't beat Leupold in my opinion.

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    Def. a 30-06 for an all purpose general rifle. I'd go with a 700, a Ruger M77 or if you can find a Weatherby Vanguard, a nice rifle at a reasonable price.
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    I agree .30-06 or .308

    Lots of good reasonable rifles. Mossberg ATR, Savage, NEF Handi-Rifle if your friend wants a cheap (but soild) single shot.
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    30-06 and 308 are both great rounds. My first choice would be 308 for 3 reasons:
    1. Ammunition availability and since this is a military round, you can usually find supplies of once fired brass should your friend decide to start reloading.

    2. Short action rifles.

    3. Looking at reloading data, very little performance difference from an 06. The 06 gains a little more advantage with the heaviest bullets (200 & 220 grain), but unless your friend is going to routinely hunt Moose, the 308 still stays on par with the 06 with the more usual weights (150 - 180 grain).
    Take a hard look at the Savage rifles. I don't have one (mine are Rem 700s) but my shooting buddy has two of the Savages and they are amazingly accurate rifles. The Accu-Trigger is no where near as good as the after market triggers I have in my rifles, but is much nicer than most factory rifles I've seen and is a vast improvement over what Savage had to offer in the past.

    Should your friend have any interest in handloading, I would make one other caliber suggestion. Take a look at the 300 Win.Mag. I have one and with handloads, it can be loaded to 308 / 30-06 levels to make a nice shooting rifle but has the ability to go to the full house magnum loads for any game animal in North America. However, I would not suggest it as a choice unless he was going to handload as full loads can be punishing and are way too much for any type of deer.

    In any case, I would suggest staying with the 30 calibers because of bullet selection. 30 cal ammo can be found ranging from 110 grain varmint loads up to 220 grain big game loads. Few calibers offer the versatility of the 30s.

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    I'd depart from the standard '06 and .308 crowd, if he just wants to hunt deer as in whitetails and mulies, being a new rifle shooter I'd steer him towards a .243. It's got plenty of power for deer, and has significantly less recoil, which is important when you're learning how to shoot a rifle. All the macho crap don't mean squat if you're blinking and flinching at the shot. I'll second the savages though.

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    I'd go with the Ruger model 77 in 30-06.
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    My advice has already been given but I would definitely recommend the 30-06 first, and yes Rem 700, Savage 10 (I think that is the model number) or a Vanguard are great choices in the entry line of rifles. I have not fired a Mossy ATR but I have been hearing good things from friends who have.
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    I'll 2nd the .30-06 or even a good .30-30

    even though my rifle of choice is .243 for deer
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