Spare mags and how many?

Spare mags and how many?

This is a discussion on Spare mags and how many? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have at least five magazines for each of my pistols. 4 out of 5 are Glocks, and the larger pistol mags will interchange with ...

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  • Just have the ones that came with the pistol--1 or 2

    11 6.79%
  • I have a couple extra other than the ones that came with my pistol

    31 19.14%
  • 3-5 for each pistol

    51 31.48%
  • 5 or more for each pistol

    69 42.59%
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Thread: Spare mags and how many?

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    Spare mags and how many?

    I have at least five magazines for each of my pistols. 4 out of 5 are Glocks, and the larger pistol mags will interchange with the smaller pistols in the same caliber---but I'm not counting those toward the total for each individual pistol. G22-6 mags, G17-7 mags, SIG P220-5 mags, G27-5 mags, G19-5 mags. How many do you all keep for each specific pistol?

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    For me it varies on the gun but in most cases at least 5 any less can make going to the range a pain in the arse
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    I've got 10 mags for the G23, but just the two that came with the ruger p85 I keep around......and I'm looking for more of those right now as a matter of fact. P85 mags are kinda hard to find........

    Have 6 mags for the Rem. 30.06
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    It ranges from 2 to 15, depending on the purpose that the handgun serves...

    2 a piece, for the couple of "house guns"
    4-6 For the CCWs
    12-15 For competition guns

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    May 2006
    Mag price was & interchangability one of the reasons I went glock for EDC.
    5 hi cap for the G23, and 9 hi cap for the 31 and those work in both.
    ... and 10-rd mags are plentiful and cheap for IDPA.

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    I started buying more last year, and plan to do so this year. Especially high-cap mags.
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    I'm stocking up on some "standard capacity" magazines this year - I've already got over 5 for each handgun and 10 for the AR - need to bump that number up a digit or so...


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    Too many according to my wife. If she only knew how many.
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    For my KelTec's only 2 each...but those are BUG's...

    For all my others, a minimum of 4 mags for each, some have 6-7...

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    I replaced the factory mags that can with my Kimber with Wilson Combat 47D's and soon I will have 10 more hopefully on Tuesday .


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    Long Island, NY
    I have two 1911's in .45ACP (Springfield Loaded stainless and Dan Wesson CBOB) and have a total of 21 1911 magazines:

    10 Springfield (7 rounds)
    2 Dan Wesson (7 rounds)
    10 Chip McCormick PowerMags (8 rounds)

    I have a Sig 228 and have 5 magazines (13 rounds) NOTE: These 13 round magazines are pre-1994 magazines so they are legal in NY.

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    I dont have as many mags as I want for some of my guns. What I have is what the guns came with.

    G19 came with 4
    XD45 came with 3
    PT111 came with 2
    Kimber Tactical Ultra II came with 1 I have one Wilson mag for it too.

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    My Glocks has 10 each / MP .40 has 8 / Walther PPKS has 5 / MP .40c has 3 with two coming in the mail from the rebate / AR15 has 25 or 26 I recently discovered PMags from Magpul so that number is increasing at an alarming rate......
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    I have 6 for my kimber 1911.
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