I have $550, and I need a home defense gun

I have $550, and I need a home defense gun

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Thread: I have $550, and I need a home defense gun

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    I have $550, and I need a home defense gun

    I have $550 and I need a SHTF/home defense gun.

    I'm thinking AK-47 or 12ga. I hear 12ga shotguns are the most versitile weapons on the planet. AK-47's can be burried for 50 years, dug up and will probally still fire. What do you reccomend? This is a weapon that I'm going to stockpile ammo for and use once the economy collapses etc etc.

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    Threads like these are always exciting on D.C.

    If I have only one gun and it must be all things to me, make it a shotgun. Birdshot for hunting, buckshot for bigger hunting and/or short range self defense, and slugs for about anything you absolutely, positively, must mess-up severely on the first shot.

    That said, I assume you have other weapons in your arsenal at this time? That maybe a factor.

    Back to the one gun thing though... how many outdoor stores sell shotgun ammunition? How many sell 7.62 x 39mm? Where I live, about ten times as many sell shotgun ammunition. Food for thought.
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    Plus one on the shotgun. Its probably the most versitile weapon available - everything from hunting to home defense. Like Matiki said, shotgun shells are sold everywhere from gun stores to your local Wal-Mart and beyond.
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    I have to agree. One gun for everything (and one only...) would be a 12 gauge shotgun and probably a pump with a 20 to 22 inch barrel.
    Oh....BTW.... open cylinder (who needs chokes) !
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    I'm with matiki. A remington 870 can be had for $300 and under, you can use the rest to tacticool it out. I kept the original stocks but got an 18" cylinder bore barrel to replace the 26" choke barrel. You can get tube extensions and stocks pretty inexpensively.
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    +1 on the shot gun.
    Have you considered a Mossberg Maverick? Great weapon for the price. Darn near every thing made for a 500 is compatible with the Maverick. And at an MSRP of about $200 you will have plenty of money left over for other “toys” or for stock piling ammo.
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    Buy an 870 with a 26"modified choke bbl for small game/bird hunting and add a 20" improved cylinder rifle-sight barrel for buckshot and deadly aim with slugs. Quick to interchange
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    Buy an 870 with lots of ammo, a Surefire light with lots of batteries, and a decent fixed blade.
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    I dont hunt, but im also in the Shotgun camp. grab a 870 or Mossberg and stock up on ammo or buy another pistol with the rest.

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    i'd look at a used remington 870/mossberg 500. you can get one in good shape, normally under $300. that leaves lots of cash left over for ammo.

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    If you haven't got the picture buy now!!
    12ga 870 pump is a must own!!!!
    If you do not own one buy now, I hope you can't say the same thing next week.
    1oz slug deadly at a 100yds+ and cheap #7 will keep you full!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Der Alte View Post
    Like Matiki said, shotgun shells are sold everywhere from gun stores to your local Wal-Mart and beyond.
    Hell, around here, during hunting season, they're even sold in CONVENIENCE STORES.

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    Buy the AK.

    It is simple, rugged, ultra reliable, light recoiling, accurate out to 200 yards, and with Corbon's new DPX ammo in 7.62x39mm absolutely devastating for CQB.

    The AK will do just about anything the shotgun will do with the exception of bird hunting, but if you are looking for a home defense weapon who cares about hunting.

    Besides, the 7.62x39 is the rough equal of the .30-30 and more than able to take most game, so you have hunting covered too.

    Also, unless you buy the AK soon, you may loose your chance to ever get one.

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    If you've got acres and need to shoot long distances and/or don't mind potential shoot-through, go AK-47. If you like your neighbors a little more than that, go 12 ga.

    Seriously, you probably can't go wrong, and it should depend more on how you figure on needing to use it. Me, I'd probably go shotgun for a single home defense gun (after the SIG P220, of course!).
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