magazine springs

magazine springs

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Thread: magazine springs

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    magazine springs

    My question is how many magazines should you have for a ccw pistol and how often should you rotate your loaded magazines so as the spring doesnt take a set. thanks .

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    not really sure but i rotate mine from time to time.(best way i quess
    would be a nice trip to the range).
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    I really don' buy into the magazine spring nonsense; back when I competed in IPSC, I watched guys spend hundreds of dollars on mag springs at every area match convinced that their springs wore out on them every 6 months. I shot a full-house open gun from 1994-2002 when I had finally had enough of the crybabies, and the magazine springs I had in my mags were the same as the day I recieved the finished gun from the guy that built it. the only magazine I ever replaced was a big stick (140mm) mag that fell out of my range bag in the parking lot at the Area 2 match in 1997 and was promptly run over when I backed over it....

    In fact, I still have the 4 regular magazines that I use with my 9x23 carry gun, complete with the same springs. I just use flush base pads with the gun now because it is a carry gun.

    The springs I use in all of my mags in my guns are ISMI rocket wire, they are the best competition-proven springs in the industry hands down.

    So don't buy into the Mag spring hysteria, because that is all it is.....
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    Those sort of issues have been discussed extensively here in the forum. I know because I was part of the discussion. I used to rotate my magazines religiously--and I have alot of spare springs for some of mine. I've changed my ways through our discussions and my further research, and articles by spring manufacturers. Seems to be a non-issue as once a mag is fully loaded for the first time--the 'set' is taken and the only thing that's been determined to fatigue the mag springs is 'working' them-not leaving them constantly compressed. Try doing a search and I'll see if I can't find if I saved some of the articles I'd researched.

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    What guns are you concerned with?

    I replaced my Beretta 92FS springs after about 10 years of keeping them (2) fully loaded. I have never replaced (and don't need to) my Glock mags in over 11 years. I always keep all mags fully loaded. I don't rotate any of them.

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    Rotating them will wear them out more than leaving them may have to replace the springs in 80-90 years...
    Don't worry about them!
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    If any magazine springs show any sign of rusting they should be replaced asap.

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    Minium of 3 for each gun, I prefer to have five or more. Dont worry about the springs, but do make sure you take them apart and clean the gunk and lint out of them oncein awhile.
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