I got a PPS recently (see Boo's PPS range report) and took it to the range today. 200 rounds of WWB 115 grain. Very accurate, more so than I am (couple of nice 2" groups at 15yds). Mild recoil, especially compared to the PF9, but the PPS is considerably heavier. Had one stovepipe when I shot with my weak hand only. Crappy loose grip, arm moving, ect, blablabla, yeah, I would say that was entirely my fault. Shot some 115 grain Gold Dots as well, no problem. The trigger reset is a little gritty, but I assume that will clear up with more shooting and dry firing. I am very happy with it.

I ordered a Smartcarry and a Crossbreed for it. I intend to use it as a BUG, or a primary in deep concealment when the fullsize M&P is too hard to conceal.