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WD-40 for rust prevention?

This is a discussion on WD-40 for rust prevention? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; My 1911 is somewhat in hibernation in a zip lock, wiped it down in Breakfree CLP, took it out last night no problems. Trust, WD ...

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Thread: WD-40 for rust prevention?

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    My 1911 is somewhat in hibernation in a zip lock, wiped it down in Breakfree CLP, took it out last night no problems. Trust, WD is best used to free up some bolts that are stuck when you are working on the car or oiling some hinges. It is not practical as a rust inhibitor. Trust, me. By the way 1911 has been stored for a few months now. I hope to shoot it soon.
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    On some important parts I've coated sealed fresh silica gel in ziplocks with the air pressed out. Rust can't form without moisture and air. Heat will refresh the gel. Some great suggestions in this thread! WD40

    If the internals of a gun get wet, heat from a warm oven will evaporate off traces of moisture from the inner recesses better than trying to displace it IMHO. Be carefull of too much heat, it doesn't take much to do the job if left in the oven long enough.

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    I use WD40 as a solvent to clean my guns. It does a great job of cutting carbon and old grease. I always wipe it off after cleaning, though. A light coat of gun oil in the appropriate areas and I am done. In a damper environment that might not work, but in Arizona moisture is not something we have a lot of. I have never had a spec of rust here on any of my guns....
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