Colt 1911 price check

Colt 1911 price check

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Thread: Colt 1911 price check

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    Colt 1911 price check

    Colt Combat Commander

    Two tone, looks like satin nickel or chrome frame. Personally done duracoat or something slide.

    It was built in 1977according to Colt. It was a carry gun. External wear and tear visible. Internals are dirty, barrel looks good, locks up tight. If I did not know the dealer, I would think it was stolen.

    The guy is asking $550 but knows I won't give it. What is fair. Although it is relatively beat up, I would refinish it anyway with Black T.

    I was thinking $450 or so.

    What say you?

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    Being that it is a 1911 that has been screwed with ill just say that it is what its worth to you to own it . For me and in my neck of the woods i would give 4 to 4 and a quarter for it assuming the frame has not been " hand enhanced " . If the feed ramp is cut back to even with the barrel i would give 50 bucks for it for parts . Some 1911 guys will be on later tho and chime in i am sure .
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    If it were me...I'd get him to knock it down to $350 or walk. You can get an NIB Springer GI for around $450 if you look around(gunbroker etc...), but I think the shops are running around $550-600...(insert price corrections from Lima here). And I've seen(within the last 3 months) the RIA TAC's going anywhere between $350 and $400 NIB.

    Why take a beat up, not taken care of gun for the same price as a new purrty one? Just a thought...unless that's what you're into.

    I think I paid about $250(if memory serves) for my old Colt MarkIV Series 70 and it had wear and tear(the internals were still good though). Granted that was about 7 years ago and our money's worth a lot less now.

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    Older Colt pistol prices are really climbing in my area. This price isn't totally out of line. Fix it up alittle and you will get your money back.
    We will be much better off when we learn to deal with things as they really are, instead of how we wish them to be!

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    It's a series 70 and that makes it more desirable than newer ones. If I was in the market for one I would offer 450 and if necessary during the negotiation, split the difference with him and end up paying 500 max.

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    $450 isn't a bad price for a pre-Series 80 Commander.
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    I would start at $400.00 having not seen the pistol myself, and walk away at $500.00.

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