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New plinker

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    New plinker

    Today was a nice day so I went for a drive around town. Somehow I found myself at a gun store once again looking to maybe, just maybe cross off another gun on my list. I found a lonely Ruger 10/22 carbine that was just begging me to take it home. It appeared to be used, but in good shape. I decided to put it on layaway, and should have it out in a couple weeks when my tax rebate comes in.

    I'm already looking into getting an aftermarket stock for it too! The Krinker Plinker looks nice, but the price is up there. Anyone have experience with this?

    Muzzelite 10 / 22 Bullpup Rifle Stock, Shooting Supplies, Msp at Sportsman's Guide
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    congrats on the 10/22, they are excellent rifles. I once owned the bullpup muzzlelite. It is cheap plastic and the trigger is a really heavy. The 2 halves of the body tend to want to flex some during use too. Only the short double stack ramline30 rnd. mag fit(which are also crap)
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    Pretty close. SG has taken a less than stellar approach with customers in states bordering other states with capacity/AW restrictions. I pretty much quit buying stuff from ol' Gary. It's pretty rare for him to have something that can't be found at the same or lower price elsewhere, anymore.

    To the OP- rocky is spot on. For $20 more you can have the Christie stock, which has a very good rep, so far.
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    Same stock at Midway. It's interesting, but the sighting system looks cheap and fragile. The 10/22 is usually a fairly accurate rifle so I'd also be a little hesitant to make it harder to control with what has to be either a complicated or Mickey Mouse trigger system. Here are several other stocks available that may be better quality. If you want something a little ARish, this one looks kind of slick.

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    I'm happy for you, and very jealous! I'm in the market for a 10/22 too. They are so stinkin' fun to shoot, and great small game rifles.

    IMO, I'd stay away from the heavy-duty mods like the krinker plinker / bullpup kits. Take that money and get yourself a killer scope and a few thousand rounds of .22!

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    i just got myself a 10/22
    im glad i got it. cheap ammo, and fun
    within 2 weeks ive got a dozen or so prairie dogs and a coyote.
    coyote huntin outside reno nv is good.
    congrats on the gun great can killer too
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    Congrat on THAT choice for a plunker...lots of inexpensive fun!
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