Interesting talk with someone afraid of guns.

Interesting talk with someone afraid of guns.

This is a discussion on Interesting talk with someone afraid of guns. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I just had an interesting conversation with someone who is completely afraid of guns. I am attending the Apple Valley Police Academy and we had ...

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Thread: Interesting talk with someone afraid of guns.

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    Interesting talk with someone afraid of guns.

    I just had an interesting conversation with someone who is completely afraid of guns. I am attending the Apple Valley Police Academy and we had range day today. I got to shoot their AR and Glock which was fun. Anyway there was one woman standing off to the side and I asked her if she was going to shoot. She shook her head no. She then came over to me and said she was completely scared of guns. “There is something evil about them” were her exact words. I told her that wasn’t true. They may be used by evil people but so are cars, knives, bats, fists and any number of other completely innocent tools. She then said, “Well maybe she would shoot a BB gun sometime. Especially at those evil little ground squirrels”. Good grief, she would kill a squirrel without thinking about it but is afraid of guns. These people are idiots and make no sense at all.

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    My mother (now 83) doesn't hate firearms, but she never really liked them either (I think the report hurt her ears). Meanwhile, her mother was an avid hunter, and her father was a Life member of the NRA who collaborated with Elmer Keith on some loads for the .257 Roberts in the forties and fifties. One just never knows sometimes why some like firearms and some don't.

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    she was raised that way and our environment plays a big part in it. I was lucky enough to at least grow up in a gun neutral house. Dad had a (Saturday night special) .22 short and two .22 riffles. Both kept unloaded. But when I got into boy scouts I was allowed to shoot and then joining police explorer program...well that did it for me
    14 year old....on a firing range.....vietman vet gunny Sgt and firing range officer. "well, lets not pu**y around with this 9mm, boys, lets show you what an m16 and shotgun can do." Taught us the rules and made sure it was fun and safe and started the addiction.
    Some grow up seeing guns in only two ways, holstered on a cops hip or in a BG's hands. Evil people are shown using guns in most "popular (leftist)" news rooms, so guns are evil to them. If your in trouble or lost (as a kid) you call the police. If someone is breaking into your home, you run to the farthest corner, call 911 and the police will show up and get the BG. (once they develope real transporters).
    Yes, it's sad. One of my wifes co-workers, a fellow nurse, overheard her husband and I talking about guns. (she was talking to my wife about wallpaper.) She rolled her eyes and told her husband "I'd rather buy wallpaper, then a gun." Her husband said" so...when the bad guy comes in and I'm not at home, you gonna hold him off by whacking him over the head with a roll or wallpaper?" she didn't awns.
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    I will go out of my way to promote responsible shooting and gun ownership,since i reload almost all my ammo,It's very cheap to shoot and i will teach people to shoot everything from my 22 pistol to my 44 magnum grizzly semi auto,I've let people shoot my evil black rifles and after shooting an AR-15 they don't see what the big deal is with all the media hype,I can't wait for my next acquisition a GSG-5 an MP5 clone chambered in 22 lr,I was told it's about 2 weeks out on a boat,I have no doubt it will be an attention getter and fun+cheap to shoot
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    The opposite point of view...

    Quote Originally Posted by rmarcustrucker View Post
    Evil people are shown using guns in most "popular (leftist)" news rooms, so guns are evil to them.
    I think guns are good and leftist news rooms are evil.
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    I'm at my company's annual sales rep conference in Cancun Mexico right now, and have met people from all over the U.S. here. It's interesting to speak with these different people about guns. I'd say the majority of the folks are kind of indifferent to it all, but the liberal, anti's are very anti and there is no persuading them. I was just talking to one of the VP's today about his raccoon problem he has in NYC and he would have no problem shooting them if he had some kind of pellet gun, but doesn't want to hear about why I think its important to carry. Thankfully, the owner of the company likes to shoot and doesn't have any problem with his reps owning and carrying. I don't know what I'd do if he ever gave in to the VP's and their anti sentiments.
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    The mindset of the Antis is just unbeleivable. As I've mentioned before, I worked for a few months in a clinic inside Walgrens Drugs here in Vegas in early 2007. I was called into the office one say by a couple of visiing brass, and was on the phone with another (all women). They told me that I had violated company policy by using the internet for personal use. I responded that every employee in all of the local clinics had done the same, as we were seeing 0-2 patients a day in 12 hour shifts, and we were bored to death. Then the one on the phone said, "but you looked at gun sites...". I told her that my hobby was shooting, and that I have a concealed weapons permit in Nevada and 2 other states, which allow me to carry concealed in over 30 states, and that I had been checked out the wazoo by the police and federal agencies. Well, they canned me! Yes, there were a couple of other issues, none of which were really of any consequence (the hearing officer at unemployment couldn't figure out why I was fired). The only reason that I can think of is that I actually looked at gun sites. Oh, the horror! He must be powder keg waiting to explode!

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    Last night my daughter confessed a bad fear of firearms and that's why she dosn't want her hubby (my son) to geta sidearm. I had a not-so-long talk about training, compentience, good vs. evil, etc. She still don't like it but said she'd be willing to go to the range with me to really work through her fear and maybe discover the reasons for having a gun and knowing how to shoot will outweigh the reasons to be scared of 'em.
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    Its mostly about "fear of the unknown."
    Most people fear guns simply because they are tools that are used to kill, and they know nothing about them other than what they hear on TV...most of which is wrong.

    When Bruce Willis was in a popular movie, and used a then brand new to the market Glock, and proclaimed that it was invisible to x-ray machines, Governors,Senators and Congressmen, along with all of the other well meaning people demanded that they be banned...all because a movie actor used a stage prop that was supposed to be invisible to airport scanners.

    If the person is a somewhat rational person that can make up their own mind when present with the facts, usually their minds can be changed for the good. With some coaching and instruction, they can be taken to a gun range where they can face their fears and with some time and shooting, they will usually see the error of their ways and eventually become an asset to the gun shooting community rather than the liability that they were.

    Notice that I said "most".

    If you happen to be a die hard liberal and not capable of rational thought...
    then all bets are off. Nothing will convince you that guns are meant for anything other than to kill, terrorize or make humanity more miserable. Those liberals are liberal with the rights and choices that they agree with, and everyone else's be danged.
    Universal Background Checks...the next step towards registration and confiscation.

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    I agree with HotGuns. Trying to talk to a hard-core liberal about guns is a complete waste of time and effort. Better to concentrate on the "fence-sitters", or at least the ones that are willing to listen to reason.

    Reminds me of the Robert Heinlein saying:

    “Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it annoys the pig.”

    When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains,
    And the women come out to cut up what remains,
    Just roll to your rifle and blow out your brains,
    And go to your God like a soldier.

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