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Thread: Beat the Flinch

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    OK Here Is One Thing That You Can Do

    Now...I just did this real quick in order to hurry up and take a pic since I need to jump off the forum for the afternoon real soon.
    So...this was all donel in slightly more than 5 minutes total including cropping and uploading the photo.

    I just traced around the inside hole of a CD to make a quick bullseye.
    You can adjust the size of the dot down but, this will give you the gist of it.

    You put a dot on a sheet of paper.

    > Remove the magazine from your pistol.

    > With your firearm checked for clear.

    > Cock the hammer.

    > Insert a BIC pen into your barrel up against the breech face.

    > Position the muzzle less than the length of the pen away from your target dot.

    > Try to hold a perfect sight picture on the bullseye.

    > Squeeze the trigger.

    This is a fast 8 shots the "FLIER" is intentional.

    The BIC pen WILL hit the paper below the dot with extreme accuracy. This was a 6 O'Clock hold.
    It will go to the same POI every time and you'll be able to check how you are working your trigger.

    The pen point hits with enough force that it WILL dent your wall or woodwork behind the sheet of paper so you might want to tape up a magazine first and then tape your dot paper on top of that magazine. ( the kind of magazine you read not the kind you insert into your pistol)

    Gotta go for now folks. Have fun.

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    Balance a penny on the front sight of an unloaded and cocked gun. Dry fire it. Don't drop the penny. Do this many, many times. Also, practice a lot with a .22 like said.

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    I can't balance a penny on the front sight WITHOUT dry firing!
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    I shot my Winchester 70 in .300 Win Mag yesterday. I've been shooting it since I was 14. All 10 rounds hurt just as bad as they did seven years ago. I knew it was coming and I still didn't flinch on any rounds. I started out by dry firing about 50 times. I think that helps a bit. I really don't know how I can avoid flinching except that I've been shooting guns that are bigger than I have been for a long time.
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    If it is a high power rifle like 7mm or anything with Mag I would just say to let it hurt you. You know it is but you are only going to get one good shot (Hunting).

    With pistol I have a problem because it is a lot faster (I shot a lot of IPSC/IDPA) and my accuracy is down for speed. Like everyone says, load up some dummys and you will find out quickly you are flinching.

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