A day of training

A day of training

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Thread: A day of training

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    A day of training

    Of all the time that I have gone shooting either alone or with a fellow CCW buddy of mine, this was the first time we actually did some "Scenario" shooting.

    I stopped by Home Depot on the way to meet up with him and made three target stands out of 1.25" PVC pipe for the base and some 2x2s. $50 for three stands.

    We started out at 11:00 with 600 rounds between the two of us. This is by far the longest we have managed to stretch out the ammo. We wrapped it up at 3:00 and still had 150 rounds left.

    We started out having the three targets about 15 feet apart in an arc and while one of us was on the line, the other would shout out a series of numbers ("3, 1, 2") and it was draw from a normal carry and double or triple tap them in order, evaluate the hits, then tape the holes and do it again until a reload occurred (usually right after the first target).

    Then we started with backs to the targets doing the same, then threw in a propped up piece of plywood where we would fire on two, run to the plywood as cover and fire on the third from a crouched position.

    For the most part our hits were 7-10s with a few wingers here and there. We also worked in a few "Here, let me load your mag and weapon..." so we had no idea how many shots we had to force a reload...or not. I meant to bring some snap caps but spaced them out. Next time.

    Then we worked out some scenarios to walk through where 1 target was our SO putting up a shopping cart, the other two were the BGs, the plywood was our car, and we were walking up from a distance of 25 yards (coming out of a store to catch up with the wife). One BG was 3' from our SO and the third was 10'. As we are walking up, the other would shout out a number and that was the BG who presented a weapon, and upon our first shot, the other target presented theirs. We continued to approach while firing.

    Here is where our accuracy went to crap. The one closest to the SO was consistently hit in the 6 (if not the fringe) farthest away from our SO, and the other remained untouched for about 5 runs. Probably a combination of Psychological concern of hitting our SO, and the moving forward (we had been firing while backing up earlier and did fine).

    All in all it was a good day and some lessons learned (start out loaded, remember to put the magazine in, remember to grab the spare...)

    I think I did a good job of the reloads and recovering from a "Crap, forgot to load/magazine..." as I have practiced the tactical reloads before. I still have that darn flinch but it is getting better. My only error was that I did not wear my cover (I carry IWB and tucked) and got a nasty sunburn (wearing a cut off T-shirt) for a reminder and probably set myself back with the using of the other arm to pull my shirt up.

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    Sounds like a very productive session. A friend and I have been trying to get together and go to the lake for some training. Thanks for the good ideas.
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    I've been invited to a high tech shooting range that has lots of targets with side and diagonal movers etc.It's a private range built by a master shooter who has a trust fund that allows him to do things us regular people only dream about.What sucks for me is i'm disabled and don't walk very well so I can't run and gun like I use to in the military or Law Enforcement,but having targets moving like bad guys might and me shooting from a static position will let me know if i can still thwack a moving target.One thing about people that truly enjoy collecting and shooting firearms It's never too hard to make new friends at the gun range
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