So I've never received any real / official handgun training, Uncle Sam showed me how to use a rifle but never a handgun. So anything and everything I've "learned" has been from picking one up and using it supplemented by what I've read (not always the best way to learn, at least in this arena). I was able to shoot well but from one range session to the next there wasn't much consistency.

To remedy this I decided to take a class, and wow I'm glad I did. Two days of instruction, shooting, and "fixing" me was very productive and a lot of fun.

Day one started with class room time in the morning. Mostly going over the safety rules (i.e. Keep your booger hook off the boom switch). The afternoon brought some range time and our initial evaluations. Now I've only drawn and fired a couple times at the range, I've dry fired practiced at home but this was something else entirely. Now throw in tactical / speed reloading and I was into brand new territory. Then it started raining, and not just a little bit. The day ended with everyone soaked to the bone but still smiling.

Day two started on the range honing our skills. Then progressed to some situational shooting, pop up targets and movers. I wasn't so good with the movers but such is life.

When it was all said and done I'd blown through about 1000 rounds. I only had two stove pipes and one double feed, so I was quite happy with the reliability of my weapon (1911). No major injuries. Though I "shot" the instructor in the head on a bounce back, he was right behind me watching what I was doing and I hit the "nipple" of the target (it covers the screw holding the plate on the pole) and flew back, luckily no blood and everyone was alright.

Long and the short. Great training, lots of fun, great and fun instructors and lots of trigger time.

Welcome to Storm Mountain

And to see pictures and video of all the fun that was had check here:
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