Desert Eagle info please

Desert Eagle info please

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Thread: Desert Eagle info please

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    Desert Eagle info please

    I ran the range this past Saturday. After being there for years, I thought I had seen it all. A young man came up to sign in carrying a briefcase. I have to check to make sure they are registered on post and the serial number matches what they have. Rules, you know. Anyway, he opens the briefcase and my jaw hit the ground. Inside was the biggest, goldest, biggest handgun I have ever seen. It had a main frame, 3 different 10 inch slide/barrel assemblies, .357 Mag, .44 Mag and .50 AE, 3 different bolts and an assortment of other metal things.

    He has it already assembled for .50 AE. The rounds look like little bombs. Sounds like a bomb going off also. He shot up the 10 rounds he has, swapped everything over to .44 Mag and goes thru the process again with 10 rounds. With both the 50 and 44, everything worked great. He swapped out the barrel/slide to .357 and changed the bolt. Everytime he shot, it looked like the gun did not have enough power to make the slide work. On .44 and .50, the slide worked and rechambered a new round. .357 setup would not reload the gun. My question is this. There was only 1 spring when he opened the case. I know recoil from the .50 was ignorant hard. A little bit less from the .44. Does anybody know if there are supposed to be another spring with the kit to be used with the .357 setup? That is the only thing he and I could come up with.

    He had bought the gun 18 months ago before he deployed to Iraq. Never had time before to shoot it. He got back 3 weeks ago and decided it was time. I would think that there should be springs for each caliber, but sometimes thinking makes the head hurt. Anyone out there ever had/shot/owned one of these things that could help me would be appreciated. Thanx for whatever help may come my way.
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    Go to this link, they have seperate spring tune up kits for each caliber of the model XIX.
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    I hate the way the brass flies straight back at you. Not cool.

    Sounds like you're on the right track, though; the .357 just might not have enough umph to move that massive slide. Have him try the hotter .357 loads and see if that works (if nothing, it'll confirm what isn't the problem).


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    Desert Eagles are notorious for having cycling problems and flipping the brass back in your face if you shoot them with a "limp wrist". Stiffening the wrist and elbows takes away a lot of the problems.


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    I got a chance to shoot a Desert Eagle 50 AE 3 weeks ago. Wow, what a kicker. I have to admit, it was not impressed. I tend not to be recoil sensitive but that thing kicked like a fool. The owner even talked my wife into shooting it. She got her finger caught in the slide and ended up with a nasty blood blister where it pinched her. She too would not have anything to do with another one. My Ruger Redhawk 45 Colt handloaded loaded with 300 JHP bullets @1127 FPS is enough for me. With Corbon 300 gr JSP @ 1329 FPS it kicks like a mule.
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    I have a .44 DE i use for hog hunting, I got a red dot on it also, I was going to buy 50 ae but was put off on the price of ammo and the .44 can take down a hog just as well.
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    Springs are going to be stiff, and the hottest loads he can get are pretty much mandatory for the .357. You really don't "shoot" the .50 AE Eagle, you "drive" it.

    If you think about the conscious rigidity and flexion needed to drive off-road racing, you'll have the proper body-posturing for accurate shooting. FWIW, a friend that had one got his 325 grain HPs moving at just under 1400 fps. Made the backstop jump a tad.

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