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Sometimes people ask what caliber for bear.

This is a discussion on Sometimes people ask what caliber for bear. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Folks that hunt them start in .44 Mag, generally, though the .41 is respectable. PHs generally carry a 12g with slugs as backup, though the ...

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Thread: Sometimes people ask what caliber for bear.

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    Folks that hunt them start in .44 Mag, generally, though the .41 is respectable. PHs generally carry a 12g with slugs as backup, though the .444 is popular too.

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    Nothing wrong with the 41mag, but due to ammo availablity I'm looking for a nice "Beater" 44mag as a hiking/camping gun as bear attacks have risen a lot the last couple years in UT.
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    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    I went fishing in Canada and the only thig I could take was bear pepper spray. I saw a number of bears, black and grizzly. In the event of attack my plan was to spray myself and hope it didn't like spicy food.
    That's to funny!!
    I'm just glad you didn't have to put that plan to the test!!
    I have my doubts on the success rate!

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    For a bear the size of a car I would rather use a 5IN/54 or pref a 16in triple turret, but in leiu of a 50ft crater I like the .44 Mountain Backpacker. Too many stories of even large caliber Handguns not killing them fast enough for my taste.

    On a side note: You can talk smart missiles all day long but there is a big psychological effect to a 16in wide barrell aiming at you from many many many miles away. I loved my Battle Ships.
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    You guys need to check my post regarding CorBon Ammo; I posted that I just read a story (In the Glock annual '08) about a guy who was awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of an obvious break-in; He grabbed his .40 caliber Glock pistol and went downstairs to confront a full grown Grizzly bear. He put all 10 rounds in the bear, scoring 9 hits, 4 of them fatal. The man did remark that he credited his mindset and marksmanship to things he learned in local IDPA matches.

    Who said anything about short and weak regarding the .40????
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