Sometimes people ask what caliber for bear.

Sometimes people ask what caliber for bear.

This is a discussion on Sometimes people ask what caliber for bear. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Here is an article where a guy was attacked by a Grizzlly and he used a .41 magnum to kill it. Too bad it doesn't ...

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Thread: Sometimes people ask what caliber for bear.

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    Sometimes people ask what caliber for bear.

    Here is an article where a guy was attacked by a Grizzlly and he used a .41 magnum to kill it. Too bad it doesn't say what type of ammo or what gun. I thought you might find this ineresting.

    Bozeman Montana Local News

    Bear mauling victim admits he shot the bear dead

    By SCOTT McMILLION, Chronicle Staff Writer

    LIVINGSTON - Bob Johnson, the mountain man mauled by a grizzly bear last week, has decided to tell the rest of the story.

    He shot the bear dead, he said Wednesday, plugging it with a .41-caliber Magnum pistol after it had mauled him once and was returning for a second attack.

    Johnson, 55, maintained last week that the details of the attack were hazy. On Wednesday, he said he had been reluctant to tell the whole story because of legal concerns.

    He was convicted of a federal poaching charge in the early 1980s and was unsure if carrying a handgun would land him in trouble.

    "I was scared of going to jail," he said Wednesday.

    * After conferring with a lawyer and his doctor, he said he decided to tell the Chronicle the whole story.

    The incident began last Wednesday as Johnson was walking quietly in the Soldier Creek drainage of the Gallatin Range, in Tom Miner Basin north of Yellowstone National Park.

    He said he was walking slowly, looking for petrified wood specimens.

    "I smelled bear," he said. "But that ain't nothing new. Then I took about five steps and got hit somehow."

    He said he probably awakened the bear from its daybed.

    He said he fought hard with the bear and grabbed its nose with both hands, trying to protect his eyes.

    During the battle, the grizzly ripped off a big chunk of Johnson's scalp, scraped a wide groove of meat from beneath his right arm, and battered and scratched his torso. A small backpack probably helped him avoid further injury.

    "I really fought," he said. "I fought hard."

    After a while, the bear left him and moved some distance away. Johnson said he isn't sure how far the bear went.

    "I'm mauled. What am I supposed to do? Get out a tape measure?"

    He said last week there might have been a cub present, but now he isn't so sure.

    "I don't know," he said. "I might have hallucinated it."

    Then the bear attacked again, he said, moving incredibly fast, and that's when Johnson, still on his back, reached for the pistol he wore in a holster on his belt.

    "I had my hand by my side," he said. "I pulled the gun and went boom. Tell me how fast that is."

    The bullet struck the bear just below the snout and it collapsed immediately and almost landed on him, he said. Then he rose to his feet and put three more 240-grain slugs in it.

    Johnson wrapped some of his wounds, then had what he estimated to be a 3- to 5-mile hike back to his truck, then a drive to the B-Bar Ranch, where he got help.

    Doctors in Livingston needed 75 staples to reattach his scalp to his skull and lots of stitches to close his other wounds.

    Still, Johnson insisted on leaving the hospital Friday. The staples were removed Wednesday.

    Game Warden Randy Wuertz said Wednesday he will have to investigate the scene. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service likely will investigate as well.

    "I'm sure they're not going to do anything to him for carrying a handgun," he said.

    Killing a grizzly bear, which is protected as a threatened species, is illegal unless it is in self defense.

    "I should've been paying more attention," said Johnson, a burly man with an oversize beard, who often spends weeks at a time alone in the mountains. "I usually do."

    But he doesn't regret defending himself.

    "He wasn't feeling too sorry for me, either," he said of the grizzly. "I like some of them. But that one I didn't like. That one was trying to kill me."

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    Just goes to show that shot placement is more important than caliber, ft/lb of energy, penetration, bullet type, velocity.... He put one where it needed to go, and lived to tell the tale.

    There are black bear in my area but not grizzles. The largest handguns I have access to are .45 ACP and .357 Magnum. I feel these would stop a black bear given good shot placement; I don't think they'd stop a grizzly quickly enough to prevent getting mauled/bit. Grizzly's are scary.

    Pete Zaria.
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    If I lived, worked, or played in grizzly country I think that a 4 inch barreled .44 magnum revolver would be at my side at all times.
    God bless our troops!

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    I'd take a .44 mag or .454 Casuall as minimal.
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    Lucky shot. Lucky man, too! In this case a .357 or even a 9mm with JHP would have reached the brain. Even a mouse gun might have done it.

    However, most times it won't be so easy to drop Mr. Bear. If you've ever looked at a bear skull from the front, it looks like the design was inspired by the stealth bomber. Particularly when held low as in a typical 'I want to kill you' approach, bullets will often be deflected rather than penetrate.
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    In grizzly country I would Keep a marlin 444 guide gun on my shoulder and a 44 on my hip!
    Being lunch would suck!!

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    He's extremely lucky the bear backed off for probably a few seconds.
    He sure did land a good first shot.
    He is also very fortunate that he didn't completely bleed out from the scalp getting back to his truck and then on to help.
    5 miles is a long hike with your scalp torn off.
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    I would have just wrestled the bear, and made a rug outta him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    I would have just wrestled the bear, and made a rug outta him.

    +1 That's just what I was thinking. How could I get this bear down without ruining the rug it would make.

    But in reality, if this happened to me, once I was done crapping my pants, I'd shoot wherever I thought would do the most damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by morintp View Post
    How could I get this bear down without ruining the rug it would make.
    Well you could grin the bear down like Davy Crockett...

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    I went fishing in Canada and the only thig I could take was bear pepper spray. I saw a number of bears, black and grizzly. In the event of attack my plan was to spray myself and hope it didn't like spicy food.

    I think a .357 or higher would be ok. fmj or stout round nose lead bullets for penetration. Hitting with any gun is better than missing with a hand howitzer.
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    I try to stay away from Bears....

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    Caliber for bear

    Any caliber .44 or larger. Then use the rule of thumb,if you see a bear,hold up your thumb and if the bear is bigger than your thumb you better run like hell.

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    I'd think that the bear could have any caliber he wanted. Who's gonna argue with someone that size?

    Thank you folks... I'll be here all week. Try the veal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aepilotjim View Post
    I'd think that the bear could have any caliber he wanted. Who's gonna argue with someone that size?

    Thank you folks... I'll be here all week. Try the veal.
    Yep, we have the right to bear arms and the right to arm bears.

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