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Anyone live where they have Public Shooting Ranges?

This is a discussion on Anyone live where they have Public Shooting Ranges? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I've shot at the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Dept range in FL. It was $10/day for NRs. Very nice place that is used for police ...

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Thread: Anyone live where they have Public Shooting Ranges?

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    I've shot at the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Dept range in FL. It was $10/day for NRs. Very nice place that is used for police training (they have a bus and a helicopter there for police training) during the week and open to the public on weekends. If you live in the county it was $5/day for residents.

    No such animals in MA.

    But I'd prefer the private club ranges (belong to 2 South of Boston). You get to know the people who shoot there, folks take some responsibility to clean up and take care of the place as we are all stake-holders in the range, and don't get gang-banger visitations like a few of the public ranges in MA get (and thus they also get "attention" from BATFE).

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    I've got two within driving distance, both of which are AG&F ranges. Both are fairly nice.

    I went to one of them outside of Danville. When I got there, there were about 40 Mexicans shooting SKS's and AK's.All of them were having a hard time hitting the paper. After watching them awhile from my truck it became plain to me that none of them knew how to use the sights.

    So any how, I got my stuff out of the truck and piled it on the only table left. Only a couple of them were smart enough to wear ear plugs and I figured by the time I let off my second shot they would either leave or stick something in their ears.

    When they got ready to swap out targets I went to the 100 yard line and placed a black target paster on a white sheet of paper and walked back.

    I noticed that they were all watching me and as I was looking through the scope they sort of gathered around to watch. I told them that it wasn't a good idea to stand where they were but I don't think any of them understood English.

    No matter. I went ahead and shot, completely eliminating my little target paster on the paper. The men started talking excitedly and a few were holding their ears. As I jacked the empty case out one of them whistled. Before I could squeeze off another round, most of them were getting into their vehicles and leaving. BY the third shot, they had all left and I had the whole range to myself.

    So I put that gun up and started verifying the zero on my .308.

    Public ranges can be fun sometimes. If they are crowded, that .50 BMG of mine usually makes them empty out for some reason.

    I always shoot it first.

    I hate crowded ranges.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SoFloAuthor View Post

    There's Markahm Park in western Broward County and Trail Glades Range in western Miami-Dade County....both County owned, outdoor ranges. I've used both. (shot a Barrett .50 at Trail Glades). They had shade, benches, chairs..."professionally" run, emphasis on safety. Inexpensive to use as well.
    Those are the two I attend.

    Markham Park, rifle range.

    Pistol Range

    Trail Glades "Tactical Range" AKA The Closet.

    Trail Glades has an excellent clays set up and Markham a bit less so but very good too according to those who partake the clay disciplines.

    Not shown in the pics is the Rifle & pistol range at Trail Glades.
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    Alabama has quite a few. They are generally funded by the Alabama Wildlife Service by hunting license purchases and such. I use one close to Gadsden,AL.
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