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Thread: FN FiveseveN Warning *Picture Heavy*

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    Wow! No kiddin!! Glad to hear they replaced the pistol. I'll admit, the original post threw me for a loop. That's REALLY cool of them to send you another one for free. Especially with the stated cause. It kinda reminds me of the guy from SoCal who was riding home from the shop on his motorcycle with a brand new Springfield 1911. It fell out of his backpack and was destroyed. He sent a letter telling the tale to Springfield with the gun to see if they could refurbish it. They sent him a new one free of charge. Seeing stand-up customer service like this is really good. In all honesty, I think its one of the few customer service industries where you see things like this too. Think Ford or Honda would replace something like this just to be nice? Forget it.
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    Customer goodwill goes a long, long way.

    I guess they'd rather give you a new gun than see you become a former customer and tell everyone you know to avoid their product.
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    and I am still tempted to aquire me a 5.7..sure glad to se the FN did you okay.
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    It sure does seem like they are priced high for a plastic framed gun with a little caliber...in reality just a really fast pointed .22 bullet. I never could see the justification for the price.

    On the other hand though...for them to test and deliberately blow up a gun to prove that it wasn't fired out of battery, pretty much prove it was an overload of reloaded ammo and still give you a new gun says a lot for a company.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuns View Post
    Good article with great pictures.

    A few observations...

    FN is not taking you seriously. You used reloaded ammunition and as far as they are concerned, its your problem, not theirs. Proof of this is in their response and dealings with you.

    It seems that you have a well documented case. However, firing out of battery is pure speculation...unless you have some expert metallurgists examine the gun and document their results.Results that could be called upon in court.

    A cheaper way to see if it fired out of battery would be to obtain a new pistol and load some rounds with nothing but primers and then see if you could in fact get the gun to fire out of battery. If it does, there is your proof of a design flaw.

    I don't doubt your assessment, but most manufacturers take many precautions to insure that a gun does not fire out of battery. If you can duplicate this, and it does indeed fire out of battery, then that is a design flaw and one that can easily be reproduced in court if need be.

    Do not send the gun or its parts back to FN. If it is needed as proof later on, they are under no legal prerogative to keep it. They will simply log it as a destroyed gun and chunk the parts. They know this and will use it to their advantage.

    Talk to them in language that they will understand and respond to. Send them a registered letter with the signature of your lawyer on it.

    I guarantee you that will wake them up.

    I am not a lawyer,nor do I pretend to be one, and if anyone even accuses me of acting like one, I will beat them until they cant walk. What I have proposed is the smart thing to do in the event that FN fails to make you happy.
    Well stated Hotguns! I second your advise.


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