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How many guns are you taking?

This is a discussion on How many guns are you taking? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I'll try to get everything my pickup will hold. If for some reason not. both 870's AR-15's .45 .9mm .22...

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Thread: How many guns are you taking?

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    I'll try to get everything my pickup will hold. If for some reason not.
    both 870's

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    Evacuate where? I stand and fight and will never surrender.
    Les Baer 45
    Sig Man
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    Take them? Take them where? Where I live is my HOME, I'm not leaving.

    It would be strategically dumb to do so as well, in most cases. Unless you are talking about the major disaster occurring in the exact location you live in.
    Obama didn't get elected to warranty your muffler. He's here to warranty your life.

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    Evacuation? It depends. Is it because a Cat 5 Hurricane is barreling right at my area? Heck yes I am getting out. Gun cabinet with all the guns and all the ammo gets bolted to the truck. Unfortunately I don't have that many guns so i can take them all.
    Is it an Evacuation order AFTER the fact? If my house survived full or partially, I am not going anywhere. There is no point.

    With that said: FNP 9 main gun. S&W 357 as back up. Wife will probably we wearing the PT 92 and using the Rossi snub as back up.
    Shotgun Back Seat. AK Front Seat
    Ammo: enough for 7 to 10 mags per gun. 10 slugs-20 buck for the shottie. minimum
    You have to make the shot when fire is smoking, people are screaming, dogs are barking, kids are crying and sirens are coming.
    Randy Cain.

    Ego will kill you. Leave it at home.
    Signed: Me!

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    If it's a hurricane I take it all and buy as much ammo as I can anywhere I can. Not to many earthquakesaround here. As for as the unnatural occurance we'll call a democrat, I buy everything I can and if they come knocking: Guns? What guns? Ohh, those! Yeah, those were lost in an unfortunate boating accident and the others were stolen. No you can't look around, there's the door. I've already done the hurricane thing. I had one hand gun at the time and a 410 that's going to be handed down to my son. I had plenty of ammo for both. Rita is the one that hit us, but there wasn't any gun grabs. As a matter of fact, just about everyone I saw when I can back was open carrying. Of course we weren't shooting at each other or trying to rob each other. The only other thing that would come to mind is a hostile invasion or a civil war. The invasion thing is unlikely to happen(well as hostile one is unlikely) I doubt it because we already let them just walk in. The civil war isn't hard to imagine, but I doubt that will happen.
    Last edited by centermass; May 12th, 2008 at 03:54 PM.
    Ruger GP100 .357 mag
    Ruger p-90 .45acp
    Taurus PT-140 acp
    Rossi .357 mag
    Hi-point .45 acp
    DTI AR-15

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    AR15 and G32 in the bug out sack.

    But this thread brought up a good point - what is left behind may get looted.... Hmn, I need a better plan!!!!

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    Austin, Texas
    1 AR, 1 Kimber .45, 1 Winchester 1200 Defneder (and the new 18 1/2 inch barrel shotgun that is my next purchase). All the ammo I have which is not enough.
    Timmy Jimmy

    If it is not in the US Constitution then the Federal Government should not be doing it.

    "Carrying a gun is a social responsibility."

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    If I wasn't in the Marines, hunkerin down would be the first option, if not possible all of them into the truck with all my ammo.

    If that one isn't feasible Bushmaster M-4, all my mags and ammo for it, Mossberg 500 persuader with probably about 50 of buck and slugs, 1911 will all my mags and ammo, j-frame with about 100 rounds, and my Henry .22 with a couple of bricks. Yeah it would be heavy, but I wouldn't have the 50+ pounds of patrol gear on that I am used to.
    Fortes Fortuna Juvat

    Former, USMC 0311, OIF/OEF vet
    NRA Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun/Reloading Instructor, RSO, Ohio CHL Instructor

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    Since we do not have much in the way of natural disasters here in Colorado, just the occasional blizzard, I would “hunker down”. Everything would remain in the safe except for what I have on my hip or in hand which would be Browning Hi-Power in 9mm or 1911 in .45 ACP and M1 Carbine. I already have food and water for 2 moths in the basement. If I need to hunt for additional food I have a 10/22 for small game and a couple of .308 rifles for medium and large game (of course the largest we get here in Colorado is Elk or Black Bear).

    In general I am not too worried as long as I have a reasonable supply of ammo, which I buy in 1000 round lots and restock when I get low in any one caliber. I am rarely, if ever, low in more than one caliber and low means less than 200 rounds. By the time I get to 200 in any one caliber I usually have in excess of 750 rounds in the others.

    Actually, my biggest concern would be a pandemic in which case you would not see me poke my head out the door for a couple of weeks.

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    Fayetteville, AR
    Evacuate where? I stand and fight and will never surrender.
    I'm down with that. I'll stand my ground. This is home, it's my turf, and I have the advantage for longer than if I were somewhere else.

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    Tulsa OK

    Bugging out.

    I think this questions been asked before. But I'll restate my plan and reasoning. I'm taking my 1911, my M1A and (hopefully) a thousand rounds for each. This of course along with my bug out bag and it's contents of survival food and stuff. I'm not going to go into what's in the BOB. There's some basics in the BOB that everyone has and the rest is personal preference.

    Now for my reasoning. The 1911 goes on a drop leg holster with a spare mag and folding knife pouch. The rifle goes into an integral sheath in my BOB backpack. This is my large BOB, because I'm assuming that it's a got out of dodge or die in the maelstrom situation. The ammo is going to be divided up into what's in the loaded mags, I've got at least 8 for each gun and the rest. The loaded mags go into the backpack and the rest of the ammo is in a dump bag that I got for that purpose. The reason for the division is that as I'm sure all those who said their taking everything have motor transportation that will NEVER break, the rest of us humans must deal with the possibility that we may start in a truck or car or jeep, but may end up on the Infantry transport, Mark 1's. If you've got 2000 lbs of guns and ammo, and your hauler for said ton breaks down, you just left your looter loot in an open area for any Tom, Dick or Looter to see. Better to only take what you can carry on your back and lock the rest up in a place less likely to be rifled through, no pun intended. My large BOB , with all that ammo, is going to be pushing 100 to 125 lbs. It's heavy as heck and I'm pretty sure I'm not moving fast or far each leg, but all I'm leaving behind is a dead vehicle and my car BOB with it's 3 days of energy bars in it. Drop all the extra ammo and assocated stuff and it's a more manageable 75 to 80 lbs.

    Again, the division of the ammo helps if I should lose my backpack. Say a flash flood carries me and my backpack away, I may end up with only what's physically on my body when I get out of the water. Then I'm not left with absolutely nothing, I've still got a weapon and reloads for it. All be it, much more limited.

    This may make me sound like a survival nut job, but I've been in aviation for over 20 years now, including Army and a stretch of mountain flying in the Rockies. I've learned you carry what you can and only count on what you are actually carrying when the creek rises.
    Last edited by aepilotjim; May 12th, 2008 at 04:26 AM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supertac45 View Post
    Evacuate where? I stand and fight and will never surrender.
    Somethings you cant fight, or are better fought from a different position.
    "Just blame Sixto"

    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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    gainesville FL
    I would stay and fight with my 45 /9mm plus I would get more free guns with the looters that you drop
    SIGSAUR 1911 gsr 45
    S a W SIGMA 9mm CRAP
    Ruger 10 22
    Black powder 44 cal revolver

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    South Florida
    My last hurricane I had in my unit AR-15, Moss.500, Rem. 870, G23, Sig P226, Sig p239, Rem. 742 .308.
    And lots of ammo for all weapons.
    Also I had me one very cool Guardsman as my partner.
    and he carried a M16 and no sidearm.
    "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."
    - Sir Winston Churchill

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    West Virginia
    I've thought about this a little and I honestly dont know if its because I don't want to be one of "those" people or not, but its something I don't think about as much as I would - wierd huh?

    Anyway, I figure that my AR and my Marlin go with, along with my shotgun. All of those can be used for all sorts of critters. Once I add a .22 rifle it would definilty go. I figure my pistols will go with as well, and I try to maintain a tripple ration of ammunition for each weapon on hand. Its broken down into what can be carried and what goes into a vehicle if that is available. I am more concerned about long arms in that case because if it is a terrible event that you are truly having to get yourself out of with weapons, then I figure long arms will be what I'm using. Coupled with the fact that you can eat with those, and while I love my Kimber I am not keen on hunting with it!

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