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How many guns are you taking?

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Thread: How many guns are you taking?

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    I'm not going anywhere. To be honost if the big one hits I'm so close to DC. It really doesn't matter I'll probably see the flash and not have time to cover.

    However, Katrina (LEGEND( Stlye situation running around the streets fighting off looters or VAMPIREs. Level 3-A Armor, UZI-Full auto, Suppressed P226, G17 in a drop leg, AR is the back up, need to I'm going to work where I know theres 1000's of rounds of 9mm and .223.
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    Too broad a question . In my area a natural disaster is either a blizzard or a tornado . If i can ill take all of them and the " important " guns are packed in hardcases all the time so i can grab about 6 hardcases and have my best rifles, pistols , and shotguns . This is saving investments not eat snake survival . We have little crime when you hold my area up against the national standard . The ( and tho i know this is un pc ) minority/ welfair burden we bear is small . I should point out that i only mention minority in conjunction with welfair entitlement attitude . Point is that in my situation i have land , cattle , ect outside the zone that any local desaster could hit , and frankly i dont see any EOTW fantasy as coming to pass . Heck i even have houses to live in in two directions . I would loose a lot of convienance and maby a flat screen tv ( i love that tv lol ) . However me and mine would do fine with little real impact no matter the financial losses of my current house .
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    It would take one heck of a disaster to make us leave, but to answer the op's question, however unlikely it is for me.

    All the pistols we have, wearing them, with ALL of the AMMO too. The AK, and the 870, one for me and one for the wife, I have a feeling I'm getting the shottie. The 30.06 for long range, with the 303 as a back up.Probably the 30-30 for some heavier yet still fairly rapid fire. 10-22 is a must, as mentioned a great small game getter and all around good gun, don't forget the .22 was the sharp shooters caliber of choice during the Civil War.

    Anything not able to go, gets buried, in bags of course, I'd leave the safe empty and swung wide open. The message being, nothing here, everything gone. If really short on time, they go into the manure pile, just rake down a nice layer to cover, would you dig in there looking for something?

    That is of course if I had such weapons.

    Edit to add: if time to pack, the reloading equipment and components go too. The same thinking goes as if were staying put, keep the max amount of ammo for the usable guns, if one goes down, it's rounds get cannibalized for components to load others.
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    Fortunately I have a nice briefcase style pistol case so all of the handguns are going. As far as long guns I guess it would depend on why I am bugging out and how long I expect to be gone. Minimum would be my AR carbine and Mossberg 500. If it looks like the real deal as opposed to going through the motions I would add second AR, my Savage .308, and my 10-22.
    As far as ammo, I have some nice Plano boxes I got at Bass Pro, One with rifle ammo, one with 9mm, and one for the shotty. If it looks like a real long term thing I might even throw in some reloading components and the single stage press and scale. I don't know if I would bother bringing much .45 as I only have one weapon in that caliber and I don't think it would be very efficient (for me) in this situation. That space in the truck could be another box of food, or propane bottles for stove, or water etc.
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    My power just came back on a short time ago after tornadoes laid waste to the surrounding areas. Here is what I took when leaving the house. Now I did not know what was about to come but the Wife and I were heading to our oldest daughters house for a Saturday BBQ with family and friends. We knew bad weather was coming, just did not know how bad, so when leaving the house I grabbed my EDC, an XD45 compact with a 10 round mag and my Dakota Defender. I also grabbed 2-13 round mags just in case. My daughter lives about 15 minutes away so on the short drive over, the tornado sirens start going off, hail and winds come, so we seek shelter. I make a call and check on the storm track and it is staying about a mile north of our location. To make a long story short we arrive safe, loose power, have a fine meal by candle light. All of our cell phones are going crazy with calls from friends and family. Get a call from a friend with local Fire Dept. They need help with search and rescue. Wife and I are both RN's and they can't get any medical crews into their area for a while. So off we go to help. We left our house Saturday around 3:00 pm and returned home about 3:00 AM Sunday. The power came on a few hours ago. So you never know what is coming during times of disaster. So take what you need and add some extra just in case.
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    Everything I have goes with me
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    Taking 'em all

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    Taking them all if I have my vehicle. If I am on foot, then my Glock 9mm and reload or two, NAA .22 magnum in the pocket, a good folding knife and probably my Surefire flashlight. Also a small daypack with food, medicine and bottled water.
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    I guess I should consider myself lucky. Some of you poor souls have some hard chooses to make. It's like that Maryl Steep movie where she can only flee the SS with one of two children.

    I would take My 3 Sigs: 229 R-DAK .40, 229 SAS .40 and 239 SAS .40. Going in the trunk are my SAI M1A Scout Squad and my Mossy 590 12 GA.

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    I am taking as many as I can get in my truck (all of em), along with ammo, and anything that I have loaded in my bug-out-bag, what-if-box, just-in-case can ... you get the picture.
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    For myself, my wife and son, a long gun and pistol each, along with a few reloads for each. All the rest of my guns will be locked in a gun safe that is hidden, with the firing pins removed and taken with me.

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    My 1911, Rossi 971 4" 357, 12ga Moss, Rem 700 30/06, Enfield p17 in the military(with this I can get a black rifle) and lots of ammo.
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    All of them if I have a truck!
    If I'm hoofing it 3 pistols ,AR, M190 or 870(depends Why), I would grab my 7mm mag with a Nikon I need a .308, but as of now my rifle choice would be between A Ruger #1 in .270, Win model 70 .300WSM, and my 7mm. I would take my lever Marlin .22.

    ETA: Any I left behind the bolt would come out and be somewhere else!
    If he has a bolt in his pocket he can have what I left, after he opens the safe of course!

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