Had an impromptu range trip yesterday with my bro and my mother's b/f. Had my Ruger SR9, and my bro's 9mm Baby Eagle and .40S&W Beretta PX4 Storm.

Did just fine with my Ruger. Range mandated use of their ammo, and their cheapie 9mm ammo SUUUUCKED. Guy a couple lanes down had several his gun wouldn't cook off, so he gave them to us. My Ruger managed to fire them all, though one of mine required two strikes. Of the rounds we got from the other fella, one took three tries before it went off.

PX4 Storm - Kinda hefty gun. Bit chunkier in the grip than my Ruger. I had a lot more perceived recoil with the .40S&W...almost like a 1911 in .45ACP, but more 'flippy', if that makes any sense. I didn't try the DA trigger pull, but the SA pull was acceptable. Reset wasn't too bad.

Baby Eagle - I kept shooting high with this gun. So much so that when I was trying for a headshot on the silhouette target we had up, I shot the PVC target holder. It died in spectacular fashion. Grip was chunkier than my SR9. I actually couldn't reach the slide release with my thumb without a significant shift of my grip. SA trigger was very nice, in my opinion. Reset wasn't bad.

DA trigger pull was not pretty. I think the Governator, back in his steroid days, would have had issue with it. Ye gods, it was nasty. Overly heavy, fairly gritty, and long. Didn't like the DA pull at all on that sucker.

But, my brother shot fairly well with it, and it's his gun, so I can't complain.

Range was kinda small. Couldn't get the targets out too far in the lane, and nothing to indicate the distance for the targets, either. Booths were VERY small. Gun store staff were VERY nice, VERY helpful, VERY friendly. Next time I go to buy a gun, I'm going there first. I'll save future range trips for the gun club I hope to join this month

Range lane fee: $10/hr
Extra shooters in lane: $6.50/hr/person
Eyes & Ears: $2
Fee for destroying target holder: $2
.40S&W Ammo: $17.25/50rds
9mm Ammo: $10/50rds
Shootin' with family: PRICELESS

Sorry. Cheesy. Had to be done, though