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This is a discussion on You Guys That Wear Glasses... within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; i just wear my glasses. they have shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses, so they are adequate eye protection, and after a few mags the gun powder/smoke starts ...

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Thread: You Guys That Wear Glasses...

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    i just wear my glasses. they have shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses, so they are adequate eye protection, and after a few mags the gun powder/smoke starts bugging the crap out of my contacts.

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    I have amber shooting glasses in my range bag, but I usually wear my Ray Ban's with light changing lenses...I've had them for almost 4 decades...GREAT shooting glasses.

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    One Word "LASIK" <---- Best Investment I ever made. About 12 years ago. If it only lasted one year I would be back every year. Best thing since sliced bread. If any person here gets Lasik and is truely unhappy I would pay for the Lasik.

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    Still wearing my RX glasses, and have for some years now. Not as easy and fast to acquire front sight, a little head tilt. But still a double tap in less then 2. Not bad for an old guy.
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    Im legally blind without glasses, so i save the cost of buying range glasses.

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    I've moved from K-Mart glasses to prescription glasses (progressive) the past 4 years. I need them for reading but not much else.

    I use "regular" eye protection at the range. Since I don't wear my glasses while driving and, of course, while sleeping I feel like practice without glasses is most realistic. I've tried my glasses at the range and can't see any difference yet. My prescription glasses aren't shatter proof so I haven't had to order the more expensive glasses.

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    Glasses for practice

    Agree with "StevePVB"
    I practice at the range w/o glasses (use safety goggles of course).
    I figure if someone comes in my home late at nite I'll be grabbing a light and a gun, not glasses......

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    I've been wearing glasses for almost twenty years now. Tried contacts for about a year and hated them, my eyes are so dry the lenses use to stick to my irises and I'd have to peel them off - no matter how much or what brand of drops or cleaner I used. I just picked up a new pair of glasses earlier this week, the doc said since I'm 40 I'm headed for the years when my arms will start getting shorter soon.

    Anyway, none of my glasses have been safety lenses and so far I've just been switching out to my plain amber lens shooting glasses when I hit the range. I can see the target fine without my prescription lenses but I have trouble seeing where and IF I've hit it at much past five yards. I need to find a good set of shooting glasses I can slip on over my 'scripts or go ahead and spring for prescription shooting glasses.

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    I wear glasses currently but will be going to contacts pretty soon that way I can wear whatever sunglasses/shooting glasses I want

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    Quote Originally Posted by McPatrickClan View Post
    do you have a hard time shooting while you wear them? I don't have terrible vision (just my left eye) but I see better with glasses. I hate contacts and am getting tired of trying to put them in.

    What do you guys with semi-poor vision do? Glasses? Contacts? LASIK?
    Pretty accurately describes my position. I've been shooting handguns while wearing corrective lenses less and less (shooting is really the only time I've worn them), and I'm getting better at it. I'm a tad worried about how I'll do with rifles and the longer ranges they entail.


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    Quote Originally Posted by McPatrickClan View Post
    What do you guys with semi-poor vision do? Glasses? Contacts? LASIK?
    I recommend LASIK. Had it done a few years ago, and it was the best money I've ever spent.

    Glasses are cumbersome. They can fog up, and are a PITA when it's raining, snowing etc. They can break or fall off during a confrontation.

    Contacts are a poor compromise. A lot of people's eyes simply aren't compatible with them. They require special care, and the cleaning solutions required for daily upkeep are expensive. "Throwaway" lenses don't require as much upkeep, but have to be replaced on a frequent ongoing basis, which also gets expensive.

    Forget compromises and have LASIK done. Do your research, and go with an ophthalmologist who has an excellent reputation and considerable experience performing the procedure.

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    I wear tri-focals and don't mind them at all. I used to get stuff in my eyes all the time and the glasses prevent that.
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