You Guys That Wear Glasses...

You Guys That Wear Glasses...

This is a discussion on You Guys That Wear Glasses... within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; do you have a hard time shooting while you wear them? I don't have terrible vision (just my left eye) but I see better with ...

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Thread: You Guys That Wear Glasses...

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    You Guys That Wear Glasses...

    do you have a hard time shooting while you wear them? I don't have terrible vision (just my left eye) but I see better with glasses. I hate contacts and am getting tired of trying to put them in.

    What do you guys with semi-poor vision do? Glasses? Contacts? LASIK?

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    Contacts. If you haven't tried the newer disposable lenses, you might want to. They're extremely comfortable.

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    Glasses. Have to wear eye protection at the range anyway.
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    i wear glasses and at the range i wear safety goggles over my glasses.
    works good for me. no promlem with goggles fogging up either.
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    Tri focals

    At range I have three different Rx shooting safety glasses:

    1) (Not really Rx but made by the RX guy) clear no correction for scoped long guns.

    2) Yellow w/ Rx to focus on front sight (i.e., the middle band on the tri's) for handgun paper punching.

    3) Yellow strong eye Rx to focus on front sight & weak eye down range, for more active handgun.

    Don't even try open sights on rifles any more. Still do some wing shooting with #3 glasses.

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    i wear contacts...I have worn them for years...putting them in gets to be second nature...try putting a few drop of solution in the contact before placing it on your eye.
    also if an altercation where to get physical, and my glasses got knocked off...fight over...I would be blind!

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    Quote Originally Posted by McPatrickClan View Post
    do you have a hard time shooting while you wear them? I don't have terrible vision (just my left eye) but I see better with glasses. I hate contacts and am getting tired of trying to put them in.

    What do you guys with semi-poor vision do? Glasses? Contacts? LASIK?
    I wore glasses for what seemed like an eternity. Then I switched to contacts...again..way too long. I was tired of the daily contact rituals, in out, clean, repeat, lose one or two here or there, repeat. I saved up and got lasik done back in 2001. Best investment I've made to date. I had 20/18 in one eye and 20/20 in the other same day I hopped off the table. By the next day it was 20/18 and 20/15. They've both since stabled out at 20/20. It's been 8 years and no going back.

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    My young bride and I both got LASIK 9 years ago. I recommend it without reservation. I wish it had been available when I was young. No problems with it at all. I was told that I probably wouldn't be corrected completely because of the very large correction needed, but I ended up with 20/20 anyway. The technology has progressed quite a bit further as well.

    The big advantage, of course, is that there are no more external devices to worry about. No fogged lenses, no dry contacts, no refraction error. And you can wear non-prescription sunglasses/shooting glasses.

    My wife went with a mono-vision approach, as she was doing with her contacts. This left a small amount of residual near-sightedness in one eye, so that she would not need reading glasses. Works great for her.
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    Offer better eye protection. My old eye MD was very cool and had me come in with my carry pistol. Built a custom prescription to suit my carry needs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cupcake View Post
    Glasses. Have to wear eye protection at the range anyway.

    Same here.
    I'm "blind as a bat" w/o my glasses but I also don't have bi-tri focals either. Haven't had any problem, and contacts are not an option (hate'm)
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    Glasses. I actually had prescription lenses cut in both clear and shaded for my Oakleys just so I could stop wearing contact lenses with my sports glasses. I love not having to deal with contacts.
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    I wear glasses and contacts in my everyday work and walking around, so when I train I purposefully will go with either. And neither too.

    I am most accurate when wearing my contacts even as both they and my glasses prescription are only a year old and I had my sight with both retested a month ago as I do every year amongst my general health maintenance and checkup regimen.

    As well I will atleast once a month purposefully train wearing no vision correction aids. I'll shoot blind.
    Why? Because what happens if I'm struck in the face and my glasses are knocked off or broken? Or if I'm jumped in my home at the wee hours and I cannot get to my glasses as I'm awakened into a fight? Or if I'm in an auto accident and I lose my glasses upon impact, only to subsequently find myself in a fight against another such as result of a car jacking attempt (e.g. I purposefully ram my kidnapped and car jacked self into an immovable solid object such as a tree or building).
    I've had to fight before blind as a result of my glasses being knocked off my face or being punched in the eye with my contacts in (that HURTS!!!! big time), or having my own sweat/blood in an eye which as anyone who has been there and done that will tell you it stings like hell and by reflex your brain will not want that eye to open.

    I'd even trained formally ust a month ago in a 'Low Light' private 1 on 1 instruction course with an instructor from the S&W Academy where I was shooting in absolute darkness (zero light source) where the instructor had me repeatedly shooting against a single static man sized target 15' away from me. We dis this drill with my eyes open and then again multiple times with both of my eyes shut. Shut as in closed (!).
    I was BTW with eyes completely closed hitting strings of two, three, and four tighter groupings than when I do/did properly sighted.
    In this latter case the ability and skill sets to point shoot was critical to which I'd been through an all day course on the day prior with Mike Rayburn which I'd commented on in another thread at that time.

    Being visually impaired be it by reduced or low lighting or having less than optimal vision correction (i.e. clean lens and not broken glasses) or aiming aids (i.e. night sites) at hand is something to think about as for many people including LEOs best case scenario is not what most often occurs when the chips are down and the worst case scenario hits home.

    - Janq

    P.S. - My training class was held in a very large dedicated range room with denied access to it but me and the instructor inside.
    Further during the phase where he had me shooting in zero light and shooting with my eyes shut closed to be most safe he would stand directly behind me and back about two paces and would yell range commands at me to 'ENGAGE' or 'STOP!' so as to be range safe. Further he said he does not normally in a group session do this type of training but as we were one on one and he knew me to be safe and competent from prior interaction he deemed as much okay for that time. It is not suggested to do same on a range line.
    This is of course a no brainer but upon second thought I figured it might be prudent to come back and define the details as well as state as much in regard to safety.
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    I am well over 40 (the age when the eyes go bad) and have astigmatism. So, when I'm target shooting I wear prescription glasses which correct my vision to allow me to focus on the front sight.

    I also carry for protection so I practice on silhouettes without the corrective lenses. This is where point shooting practice comes in handy.

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    I find that I have to use my glasses if I use a scope, tis a pain.

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    I wear glasses. I think sticking one's finger in one's eyes for contact lenses in an unnatural act. Sure, people get used to doing it. My Grandfather used to say, "a man can get used to hanging, if he hangs there long enough." I have no problem with clear or tinted lenses. I'd like lasik at some point, but I'm not sure if they've perfected multiple planes. I wear progressive bi-focals and will stick with them, for now.
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