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This is a discussion on I have no words. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Balsac So for the sake of this thread I have decided to give it a whirl... The fitment of the pistol is ...

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Thread: I have no words.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balsac View Post
    So for the sake of this thread I have decided to give it a whirl...

    The fitment of the pistol is great, but the bullets dont fit well in the utensil compartment.
    I will have to call GE customer service about this.

    WAIT! at what temp and dry setting do the rounds explode?

    Gosh. What a dufus. Everyone knows the gun belongs on the TOP rack.
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    Seriously, I have always cleaned my Glocks in the Kitchen sink with Simple Green. I finish with a hot rinse and then blow it out with my air compressor and oil as required.

    My Glocks work great and look good too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by exactlymypoint View Post
    Gosh. What a dufus. Everyone knows the gun belongs on the TOP rack.
    Only the plastic parts. It's OK to put the slide and barrel on the bottom rack. My wife would a Brick if she caught me doing that though.


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    done it before, doing it now, will do it again. i first heard of "hot washing" a firearms back when i was a newbie in the fist platoon. one of the NCO's in my line platoon suggested(demanded) that i hot washed my M4 after a long day at the range. worked like a charm on the hard to reach places. maytag should inlcued that in their ad's.
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    I've never put one in the dishwasher, but I always clean the stainless barrel of my 1911s in the kitchen sink running hot water. Use Dawn on the brush and patch and scrub until it's sqeaky clean. Hand dry it with an old towel and then lightly coat with your favorite gun cleaner/lube/oil. Works like a champ....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fjolnirsson View Post
    I was told by a fellow I went to police academy with that Simple Green is the best method for cleaning a gun.
    Unless they've changed it SG is really REALLY good at removing all oil. On barrels, maybe slides or extremely over-lubed, gunked guns it has a place. I seem to remember early reports of it increasing oxidation on aluminum receivers where anodizing was worn through. Because it is so potent, I'd be reluctant to use it on polymer frames, as well. Just my $.02...

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    We used to take our M16's into the showers at Fort Picket to clean them. This was simple to pass inspection. It did not work very well, IIRC but it didn't hurt it. Now, I did not suggest the idea nor do I promote it , it was more along the lines of we saw one guy do it and thought he was a genius.
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